end slate3IMMEDIATE help is now available!

Ever since The Dagga Couple sued seven Government Departments in 2010 we have been working on ways to help people who have also found themselves on the wrong side of our irrational Cannabis laws. With the founding of Fields of Green for ALL in 2013, our Non-Profit Company has formalised these efforts and we are very pleased to announce the official launch of #JoinTheQueue.

#JoinTheQueue is the process whereby South African Citizens can apply to have their case put on hold pending the outcome of “The Trial of the Plant”, set down to begin in the Pretoria High Court in March 2016. Our brand new website explains everything you need to know if you or someone you love has been arrested on a Dagga charge.

This is obviously also the place to go BEFORE you are arrested too. It may never happen to you  BUT we urge you to arm yourself with knowledge and KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!

JoJoanne van Rooyen is our #JoinTheQueue Project Manager. Together with a growing crew of knowledgeable helpers, Joanne will help you through the initial shock and trauma of being arrested and guide you through the legal minefield ahead.


The number of people joining the queue has been growing stampedorder2steadily with 18 Stays of Prosecution granted for Cannabis charges.  There are, however, many more cases in the pipeline and now that the legal precedents have been set in various High Courts across  the country, we look forward to more and more people becoming aware of this vital contribution they are able to make to the legalisation process.  Stays in prosecution have been granted for charges ranging from a possession of a few grams to large operations caught trading in and cultivating the good herb.

albumcoverAs activists, we have been finding our feet in the judicial system and we are fortunate to have found some very clever legal minds to help us along the way. Spearheaded by Schindlers Attorneys representing The Dagga Couple, #JoinTheQueue partners with solid legal firms and helps people represent themselves if possible. Join the queue here.


KeepCalmJustus van der Merwe, Neville Pollard, Charl Henning & Roleen Wyers – Thank you! This group of people from PivotPoint, a Marketing Automation Consulting firm, came to us offering their help to set up this project. They came with solutions and set about implementing them. This is a rare and beautiful thing and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!