South Africa’s Cannabis Privacy Judgement – One Year Later Members of SA's Cannabis Culture, civil society and everyone involved with the fight to end the prohibition of our favourite plant, has reason to celebrate today. It's our anniversary! The 18th of September will always be a special day on our calendar. On this day one year ago we were given the right to

Cannabis in Namibia

Cannabis in Namibia is part of our African  journey. Cannabis legalisation is slowly spreading across the globe one country at a time. Fields of Green for ALL is honoured to be associated with the Cannabis and Hemp Association of Namibia. We're on our way to Windhoek (13 Sept) and Swakopmund (14 Sept) to support our activist neighbours.

Support Cannabis Legalisation in South Africa

Support Cannabis Legalisation in South Africa & we'll answer your burning questions. How to get a license (or not), start a Dagga Private Club and more... We are inundated with questions, ideas and suggestions and we just don't have the time to answer everybody. However, members of The Green Network ALWAYS get prompt answers. It

SA’s 1 In 200 Chance Of Going To Jail

 In a question and answer session in the South African Parliament at the end of last week, our latest Justice & Correctional Services Minister Ronald Lamola stated there were 1041 prisoners serving time for dagga related crimes. Yes. One thousand and fourty one. That just doesn't sound right. There are 236 operational prisons in SA.

#StopTheCops Report (September 2019, part i)

We report on true stories of abuse by the South African Police “Service”. Unedited. Published on request and with permission.  If you would like us to tell your story (anonymously if you wish) please contact our #StopTheCops Dagga Arrest Helpline. Police stations involved: Chatsworth, Westville, Malvern KZN For extra CCTV footage, pics and recorded calls from

What Happened to the Stays in Prosecution for Dagga Cases?

There have been a number of cases of the South African Police Service wanting to pursue citizens who were granted stays  in prosecution pending the outcome of The Dagga Couple case. One such case managed to get the outcome in writing from the  Director of Public Prosecutions in the Western Cape. All other cases  that

Seattle Hempfest – South Africans Feeling Right at Home.

  Celebrating 28 years of Cannabis Culture, fighting prohibition and sticking it to the man, Hempfest Seattle is an astounding event! Free entrance and run by an army of volunteers, the event is held in a public park over 3 days. It felt like our DDay 4.20 on steroids and we love the fact that

The Jungle Boys Blow Our Minds!

Wow, what a day that was! Yesterday we toured two facilities run by the legendary Jungle Boys operation in Los Angeles. Awesome people who made us feel very welcome and we are honoured to have been allowed into the grow operations, something that is very unusual for members of the public. We made a little

Las Vegas – Fear, Loathing & Crazy Regulations.

The Dagga Couple are in the US of A! Shortly after arriving in Los Angeles we were invited to visit Las Vegas, Nevada. This was an unexpected addition to our itinerary but we couldn't pass up on the opportunity to visit Cannabis facilities in another state. We visited two very fancy grow operations just outside

What About The Children?

During November 2018 it came to the attention of the Johannesburg High Court that 4 Krugersdorp learners had been held in a BOSASA juvenile detention centre for 77 days as a result of them testing positive for Dagga while at school. Their detention followed a minor infraction of the conditions of a diversion order -