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Back On The Road Again


With the perpetual imminence of the Constitutional Court's WCHC Appeal judgement, we've been busy working in the background during the more than 8 month wait, publishing and distributing our Fields Of Green For ALL 'Desired Outcomes' Cannabis Legalisation Discussion Document. This document is a 40 page skeleton setting out the possibilities for the structure of

Cannabis Contraband Cop Arrested


At Fields Of Green For ALL our work at the Join The Queue Arrest Helpline always ensures we end up dealing with South African citizens who find themselves behind bars. Lots of them. It is is by far the most depressing aspect of Dagga prohibition we deal with. Sick tactics and abuse at the hands

The WHO Goes Critical


The World Health Organisation is reforming it's opinions of the Cannabis plant at a dizzying speed. After 60 years of the Single Convention that binds all countries to the UN's vision of a drug free world via eradication and incarceration, the Organisation has this year conceded the humble Dagga bush was never banned as a

A Tale Of Perpetual Imminence


When this photo appeared on Adv. Don Mahon's Facebook feed recently, he commented that he couldn't believe a year had passed since it was taken. The photo is a time capsule of the few days we had with Trial Of The Plant expert witness, Dr. Donald Abrams and was taken after we'd finally met the

Women’s Day, Every Day.


The ninth of August is a public holiday in South Africa to recognise Woman's Day. It seems a pity that there is only one day set aside out of 365 to celebrate the strength and achievements of South Africa's female population. Just for the record, at Fields Of Green For ALL, female energy is the

Just Another NDMP.


The National Drug Master Plans. The guidelines as to how the government plans to tackle what is usually described as the 'scourge of  drugs in our communities'. Since 1999 there have been three NDMP's, and is the apex of the work done by the Central Drug Authority for the South African government of the day.

Is Your Dagga Hemp?


It is complex, and has been the source of much debate in plant circles. When is hemp hemp and not cannabis, and how many species of weed are there, or are they all, ultimately, related? Since 1753, when the Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus gave the name 'Cannabis sativa Linnaeus' to the common variety of 'hemp'

Three Centuries of Denial & Munchies


While doing some research on exactly how long the UK government has known about medical cannabis, I started my search in the golden age of the Victorian obsession with needing to know everything, the mid to late 19th Century. It was the era of Tall Ships, the East Indian Clipper trade, and Britain's first foray

The Tiny UK CBD Handout


CBD. The silver bullet. The panacea. CBD, the safe, non toxic cannabinoid that doesn't alter anyone's consciousness and is therefore morally safe to give to children. CBD, the cannabinoid at the centre of the UK government's scramble to save face after an epileptic child made it to the front page of the Daily Mail. CBD,

Jodie Emery Goes Coffee & Hemp


Jodie Emery at "Jodie's Joint", Toronto. (photo credit: The Georgia Straight) Round about the same time as Marc Emery was jailed in the USA for selling seeds online, the Dagga Couple were embarking on their legalisation journey through the courts of South Africa. By 2012 we were writing to Marc in prison in