How to Regulate Traditional Cannabis in South Africa

Protection and Support of Legacy Cannabis Communities, Traditional Knowledge, Intellectual Property and Natural Resources. This is one of the six foundational principles to guide and sustain the regulation of Cannabis use, cultivation and trade in South Africa. So far on our journey towards legally regulated Cannabis we have only heard our government paying lip

Kasinomic Cannabis

In our previous post about the “enormous” Cannabis economy, we speak about truths in the failed global experiment for Cannabis companies to grow as quickly and unsustainably as possible, with Jamaica being a prime example. Instead of developing export markets, especially in a time of pandemic-related supply chain and policy uncertainty, there

People Power and Our “Enormous” Cannabis Economy

This post was first published on  26 August 2018 and updated on 30 June 2020. A word of caution - Do not oversell the potential of the Cannabis industry to "save" our economy! "Weed will save the world!" How many times have we heard this? This tendency to "oversell" the size and potential of

What is this “Cannabis Bill” that is Doing the Rounds?

This article about the Leaked Cannabis Bill was originally published on 17 Jul 2019 and was updated on 29 June 2020. Last year saw parliament's proposed "leaked Cannabis bill" being released and it was even more dreadful than we expected. It is becoming clearer as the months have gone by, that our

The Global Drug Survey – 2020 Preliminary Update

This article about the Global Drug Survey was originally published on 20 Nov 2019 and was updated on 28 June 2020. The Global Drug Survey is an independent research company based in the UK who conduct surveys on drug / substance use. Its data is used to create digital health applications

Smoke At Home, Test At Work

This article about Cannabis testing in the workplace was originally published on 30 Jun 2017 and was updated on 28 June 2020. Since the announcement of the Constitutional Court's privacy ruling in September 2018, much has changed - and much has remained the same. We are allowed to cultivate and use Cannabis

A Tale Of Cannabis Reclassification

This article about Cannabis Reclassification was originally written on 6 Feb 2019 and was updated on 28 June 2020. When we heard that the WHO wants to embark on a journey of Cannabis Reclassification within the International Drug Control treaties, we jumped at the opportunity to have our say. Myrtle was invited to

Dagga: Stoned Driving!

This article was originally published on 25 Feb 2019 and was update on 26 June 2020. The unavoidable impending legalisation of Cannabis means that lots of regulations need to be adapted - including driving while stoned. In general it's not considered a good idea to drive under the influence of anything. But before we discourage

Ten Elements to Guide Cannabis Education

As more and more of the stigma surrounding Cannabis is lifted, the need for proper Cannabis education is vital. South Africa's economy is in dire need of a boost, as is evident from the finance minister's report that was released last night. However, it is not simply a case of creating

Hubs – A Community-Level Cannabis Agency

Similar to co-operatives, Cannabis Hubs are the core of the commercial pillar of the Full Spectrum Model for the Legal Regulation of Cannabis in South Africa. Hubs are local, decentralized and democratic/horizontal enforcement platforms that take care of quality control, pricing, crop certification, tax collection, anonymous auctions, warehousing, and management of by-products. Hubs implement

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