SA’s Voice in International Drug Policy

We find ourselves starting all our recent blog posts with "Since the historic Constitutional Court judgement..." and the legal team have even been calling it BD & AD (before & after Davis) because this is where South Africa's Cannabis Community finds itself. While many are organising themselves into private groups around personal use, the 24

Do You Want to Establish a Private Cannabis Club?

This is near the top of our frequently asked questions since the historic Constitutional Court judgement last week. It is also a subject that has sparked intense interest during our presentations on the road with our Desired Outcomes Tour. The Constitutional Court has ordered the government to decriminalise the use and cultivation of Cannabis within

Hospitality and Heartbreak in the Land of The Zulus

Before we knew that our tour would be interrupted by a momentous Constitutional Court judgement, we set off to KwaZulu Natal province to start spreading the word about what our Cannabis Community wants the Legal Regulation of our favourite plant to look like. First stop was Richards Bay, where we were hosted by The Bobby

The Cops Get Sweeping Powers

After a week of silence and hardly a call to the Join The Queue National Arrest Helpline, the police have issued a directive as to their future modus operandi, after they distanced themselves from a SAPS Limpopo Province Police directive claiming a 3kg possession threshold for arrest. This figure was verified by their media officer live

Constitutional Court Decriminalises Cannabis in South Africa

In a groundbreaking ruling the Constitutional Court of South Africa has decriminalised Cannabis after years of legal challenges by citizens and civil society groups through the nations courtrooms. Following an unprecedented length of time to make their decision, the court ruled that it will no longer be a criminal offence for an adult person

The Wait Is Over

This photograph was taken outside the Constitutional Court of South Africa on November 5th 2017, the day the State's appeal to the Western Cape High Court 'privacy' judgement was heard by a bench of 10 Judges. We were given leave to enter our Trial Of The Plant evidence into the proceedings and effectively join and

People Power and Our Enormous Cannabis Economy

The Department of Trade and Industry is the first South African government department to embark on a programme of research into the economic viability of Cannabis, as reported in Business Day. This may lead to some government officials actually learning something about Cannabis and its significant part in our economy. This is as opposed to

No Protection Money, No Protection

This week on social media yet another disturbing video appeared with the SA Police Service in the starring roles as protagonist, court, judge and jury. The back story starts a number of weeks ago in Umgababa on the Kwa-Zulu Natal South Coast. A licensed tavern selling small time stops of Dagga under the counter

We are NOT All Equal Under the Law in South Africa

Dagga Laws in South Africa When I saw the sculptures by Tom Otterness that are dotted around the beach front in Scheveningen, The Hague in The Netherlands, I immediately thought of my frequently used Twitter hashtag #stoplockingusupincages. The group of beguiling figures are called "Fairytales at Sea" and at first glance, they are quite cute.

Tabloids Addicted To Drug Speak

We are always scouring the local airwaves for Dagga related news to share. It's difficult to find any regional heartwarming stories, Cannabis business news or product innovation, as in the international news feeds. Rarely is there anything more than another 'bust' by the Hawks 'swooping' on their pray and 'nabbing' the 'dealers' 'red-handed' by a