Dr Keith Scott is Psycho-Active.

Dr Keith Scott had been supporting our cannabis legalisation work for many years. He's the only medical doctor we've met in SA that believes in legalising all drug use. He wears many hats. A family doctor, a drug policy advocate, convention MC and a stand up comedian. His latest show, which opens in Jo'burg on

The Dagga Party Makes The Ballot

  (Courtesy of the Dagga Party Facebook page) In a monumental last minute national effort of raffles, prizes and incentives, The Dagga Party of South Africa beat the deadline to raise the R200,000 deposit to the Independent Election Committee (IEC) to have their logo on the national ballot for this May's General Elections.

Decriminalisation From The Top

In a briefing of seismic proportions, 31 offices of the United Nations, including the dinosaur in the room, the United Nations Office on Drugs And Crime (UNODC), has recommended the decriminalisation of all substances. Although the notion of  harm reduction, substitution therapy and drug courts as a token of the UNODC's compassion has been talked

Pondoland & The Prince of Pot

As I drove from Johannesburg through the Karoo to the Garden Route, Facebook messages were piling up on the Dagga Couple page. Driving with both hands on the wheel, unable to answer, I could see with consternation the complaints and outright threats leveled at the DC for associating with someone who was accused of varying

Fields of Green for ALL’s Video Submission in Vienna

During January the Civil Society Task Force on Drugs, which is the go-between organisation for us mere mortals and the United Nations, put out  call for submissions from grass roots organisations around the world under the heading "Voices of Civil Society: Beyond 2019." This was in order to support preparations for the 2019 Ministerial Segment

Dagga: Stoned Driving!

Here at Fields of Green for ALL we have been making short movies since the beginning. Our first was Dagga: The Truth, filmed in our lounge with our volunteer crew. That was 6 years ago and since then there has been Dagga: The Cost (2014), Dagga: Police in Helicopters (2015) and other shorts along the

SA is Buzzing with Cannabis Events!

  Today is exactly 2 months to our DDay Cannival Celebration! Book your tickets online and stand a chance to win a Cannabis tour to California with The Dagga Couple. Click on the flyer above for all details and we'll see you on the dance floor! We have been very busy trying to attend every

Marc Emery, Prince Of Pot, in SA

If you are on the Garden Route or on the Eastern Cape coast at the end of February, there is an opportunity to hear Canadian activist, Marc Emery at one of  five presentations along the N2. Mark will be in South Africa for two weeks, starting in Cape Town on the 18th February at Trenchtown

The Confusion Caused by Talking About Cannabis

This is a guest blog written by Advocate James Grant and published on his website: Critical Law - The Law as it is and ought to be - on 10 February 2019. James is our JoinTheQ Dagga Arrest Helpline Advocate and has been a pillar of strength as we deal with difficult cases from both

Cannabis and the Sustainable Development Goals

  The South African Cannabis "scene" has become somewhat of a circus of late. We are in that messy transition between a movement and an industry and the soap opera gets a new episode each day. There's new clowns, mother-in-laws, crooks, bean counters and mad gardeners fiddling with the plant and squabbling with each other.