GRATK Consultations – Call For Input From Indigenous Stakeholders

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Community Consultations  Advocating for the Intellectual Property Rights of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities at the UN Treaty on Genetic Resources & Traditional Knowledge (GRATK Treaty) Fields of Green for ALL and our colleagues from the Cannabis Embassy’s Permanent Mission to Geneva invite you to attend an online consultation to learn and provide inputs

Global Cannabis March Johannesburg 4 May 2024

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A diverse crowd of Cannabis enthusiasts rocked up early in Parktown on Saturday to walk through the streets of Johannesburg in support of our favourite plant. The march is global and this year happened locally in Gqeberha (their first one), Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town and also in cities all over the world. From

Everything You Need to Know About ASTM Committee D37 on Cannabis

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This article was written by Lydia Kariuki and published in "mycannabis" on 03 April 2024. The original article can be viewed here. Lydia is a Kenyan Cannabis journalist writing about our favourite plant in Africa. Myrtle is looking forward to meeting her when she attends the UN Civil Society Conference in Nairobi

Patenting Traditions: Why are plant rights activists going to Geneva in May?

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A brief introduction to the global treaty on Intellectual Property, Genetic Resources, and Traditional Knowledge Associated with Genetic Resources (GRATK) and its potential role in the development of ethical and fair policy reforms for naturally occurring psychoactive substances. YOUR SUPPORT FOR THIS MISSION IS GREATLY APPRECIATED. Every donation, no matter how small,

Setting Quality Standards in the Legalization of Cannabis in Africa: Is ASTM The Way To Go?

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This article was written by Lydia Kariuki and published in "mycannabis" on 03 April 2024. The original article can be viewed here. As the global movement towards the legalization of cannabis gains momentum, Africa finds itself at a pivotal juncture in shaping the future of this burgeoning industry. With several countries across the continent

Open Letter to those in our Cannabis Community Opposing the Signing of the Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill

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The South African government has a public relations problem. Everyone knows that. Should our government have put out a press release about the process that they intend to follow with regards to Cannabis, perhaps we wouldn’t be seeing these divisions in our community, which we certainly cannot afford. However, the bosses are

A Landmark Labour Court Victory for Workers’ Rights and Dignity

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In the groundbreaking court case of Barloworld vs Bernadette Enever, justice prevails for workers' rights in South Africa. The dismissal of an employee for a positive Cannabis test — without evidence of impairment — has been overturned, setting a legal precedent that upholds human dignity and freedom from discrimination. We salute

Show Your Support for a FAIR and LEGAL Cannabis World: Genetic Resources and Associated Traditional Knowledge (GRATK), Geneva & Civil Society Input around the SDGs, Nairobi

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Fields of Green for ALL and the Cannabis Embassy need your help to continue this important work. Simple ways to donate: As we bask in the glow of amazing 2024 #420 events held in solidarity by our cannabis communities around the world, let’s remember that local law reform is not

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