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Support the brands who support Cannabis legalisation

Fields of Green for ALL is proud to receive the aid of these local entrepreneurs, companies and brands who support Cannabis legalisation.

Dank Pack

Dank Pack caters to all your premium Cannabis packaging needs, including wholesale and dispensary

High Tea CBD

Welcome to HighTeaCBD! We're a female-owned company on a mission to make cannabis safe

Dagga Farmacy

Dagga Farmacy is a family-owned Cannabis nursery. They provide adoption of their hand-selected phenotypes in

The Best Grow

The Best Grow specialize in the distribution of large scale equipment and machinery for licensed

Wicked Imports

Wicked Imports is a leading specialist importer and distributor of big brands. Our extensive stable

Hydro Exchange

Hydro Exchange designs, manufactures, and installs Horticultural Luminaires (specifically LED lighting fixtures), Plant Cultivation Systems


Zolidarity effects change through market dynamics and social development. By empowering the individual, we collectively

Trophy Seeds

Trophy Seeds is an importer of internationally recognized brands of cannabis seeds. Strains from breeders

The Gro Bro

The Gro Bro Organic and hydroponics growing mediums and nutrients Everything you need to grow


A pleasurable and light Tobacco substitute, Leafolo™ offers smokers a healthier alternative because the products

Whiteglove Botanicals

Cannabis facility development and optimization in South Africa. Whiteglove Botanicals offers leading expertise, experienced installation

Krafty Bags

Keep your herb fresh, dry and smell proof in our discreet packaging! Krafty Bags consist

Qure Analytics

Qure is an analytical laboratory founded by Cannabis people. With professional backgrounds in chemistry, science,


In partnership with local manufacturers, InDorSun develops world-class horticultural lighting solutions for private and commercial


Hemporium are South Africa’s premier hemp brand, their byline says it all – Innovate,


CannabizArt are arty crafters who created their online shop in support of legalisation as


Boveda is ideal for storing and curing (aging) cannabis that has already been dried

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