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A Full Spectrum Manifesto for Cannabis Policy Reform

  You can't get what you want unless you know what you want! Heard that before? Fields of Green for ALL and The Green Network are proud to present the FINAL DRAFT of Cannabis in South Africa - The People's Plant - A Full Spectrum Manifesto for Policy Reform (formerly known as the "Outcomes Document").

How Fab is this competition from GT Hydro?

Win an exquisitely functional Mothership Fab Egg from GreenThumb Hydro. The competition closes at the end of August so hurry and enter online or at their store. GreenThumb Hydo is a proud and long-standing affiliate of Fields of Green for All.  Please support those who support us. The name “Faberge Egg” comes from the jewelled

The Cannabis Cart Before The Horse Expo

As you walk into the #CannabisExpo, it is difficult to believe it is only nine months since the Constitutional Court judgement decriminalised the cultivation and consumption of Dagga in a 'private space'. Since that unanimous decision by the bench of nine, a whirlwind of investors, suits, foreign exchange, licenses and health products have sprung up

PRESS RELEASE – Dagga Private Clubs

Over the last 6 weeks we have been "soft launching" Fields of Green for ALL's Dagga Private Clubs Initiative. We've been discussing the nitty gritty with the public at events and helping members of The Green Network to lay the groundwork for forming clubs. DPCinitiative_PRESS_RELEASE This is a model first tried in Europe but is

Spot The Dagga Lab

 "Wherever you see a hole there was a planted tree half a metre high, there were some potted trees and 100 seedlings for my next cycle. I'm not sure where the alleged dagga lab is" This statement to the Sunday newspapers by yet another private cannabis grower in Johannesburg highlights the twilight zone South Africa's

The Green Network & California Dreaming Update.

We are really grateful to have such a wide and amazing array of local affiliates, affiliate organisations and international supporters that, without their help, we’d be too busy trying to raise the funds to keep going and wouldn’t be able to focus on the work at hand. If you would like to become a member

The Confusion Caused by Talking About Cannabis

This is a guest blog written by Advocate James Grant and published on his website: Critical Law - The Law as it is and ought to be - on 10 February 2019. James is our JoinTheQ Dagga Arrest Helpline Advocate and has been a pillar of strength as we deal with difficult cases from both

Cannabis and the Sustainable Development Goals

  The South African Cannabis "scene" has become somewhat of a circus of late. We are in that messy transition between a movement and an industry and the soap opera gets a new episode each day. There's new clowns, mother-in-laws, crooks, bean counters and mad gardeners fiddling with the plant and squabbling with each other.

Do You STILL Want a License to Grow Cannabis?

In 2017 we wrote a blog post called "Do YOU want a license to grow Cannabis?". That was 2 years ago and we can assure you that, when it comes to the issue of asking the government to give you permission to do what is now your constitutional right, nothing has changed. To date, NO

Support Legalisation & Win a Trip to California!

How would you & a friend like to join The Dagga Couple on an all expenses paid trip to California?!! Head over to our dedicated COMPETITION PAGE for details on how to enter. The draw will take place at our 7th DDay 4.20 Cannival Celebration Party on 20 April 2019 in Gauteng. Good luck &