The Bookshelf

The King of Nepal – Joseph R. Pietri

A recent visit to South Africa by The King of Nepal has inspired us to resurrect our Bookshelf on the Fields of Green for ALL website. We will be republishing reviews of old favourites and adding new ones each week with our newsletter. So many of us can't even imagine what life was like "before

High Price by Dr Carl Hart

The lifetime of research that is the foundation for High Price stretches from the streets of Miami’s hood to the labs of Columbia University. In drawing on such a broad range of resources, neuroscientist Carl Hart demonstrates how personal experience and scientific study can inform and validate each other for a deeper understanding of human

The Unexploded Boer by Erich Rautenbach

Just as the National Party were tightening their grip on the country’s majority population group in the early 1097’s, a 21 year old Namibian man came to Cape Town to seek a life and have an adventure. This true story is a tremendous eye opener as to what the 70’s in Apartheid South Africa was

The Emperor Wears No Clothes by Jack Herer

Jack Herer is a legend in Cannabis activism circles. This is the book that blew the lid on US Govt subterfuge to suppress the hemp industry in the early 20th century. The Emperor Wears No Clothes has been reprinted time and again, sold millions of copies and continues to be cited in many legal challenges.

The Dope Chronicles by Gary Silver

100 years of newspaper cuttings depicting prohibition, illicit substances and the social commentary at the turn of the 20th century. An incredibly full book that will take you many visits to take in.

Our Right To Drugs by Thomas Szasz

The late Thomas Szasz was a lifelong champion of civil rights. ‘Our Right to Drugs’ is a discussion on the morality of prohibition. The rationale behind how the punishments became far harsher than the crime. The ridiculous situation of Governments supposedly protecting us from ourselves.

Mr Nice by Howard Marks

Howard Marks is one of the world’s better known drug smugglers. After his seven year incarceration in a Federal penitentiary, he wrote what is probably the funniest dope autobiography ever. Enjoy!