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H is for Hemp – by Maren Krings

By |2023-03-15T10:31:37+02:00March 15th, 2023|

Maren Krings’ debut book, H is for Hemp is a firsthand account of the world’s applications of the plant. The German environmental photographer was living out of her car in the late 2010s, trying to reduce her ecological footprint, when she began a four-year mission toward canna-consciousness. Taking advantage of her time on the road, Krings

The Drug Users Bible: Harm Reduction, Risk Mitigation, Personal Safety – by Dominic Milton Trott

By |2023-03-05T09:23:34+02:00March 5th, 2023|

Review via Buy a copy at Amazon People are dying because of ignorance. They are dying because unremitting propaganda is denying them vital safety information. They are dying because legislators and the media are censoring the science, and are ruthlessly pushing an ideological agenda instead. They are dying because the first casualty

Dopeworld: Adventures in Drug Lands – Niko Vorobyov

By |2023-02-24T11:34:48+02:00February 24th, 2023|

We had the pleasure of enjoying a visit from ex-drug dealer and Russian freelance journalist (Vice, Aljazeera etc.) and author Niko Vorobyov at the end of 2022. Niko is a facinating character with many stories to tell. His calm manner and wisdom makes him a good interview subject. Niko is often in the news,

The King of Nepal – Joseph R. Pietri

By |2019-05-21T17:18:41+02:00May 3rd, 2019|

A recent visit to South Africa by The King of Nepal has inspired us to resurrect our Bookshelf on the Fields of Green for ALL website. We will be republishing reviews of old favourites and adding new ones each week with our newsletter. So many of us can't even imagine what life was like "before

Cannabis and the Sustainable Development Goals

By |2019-09-02T12:40:54+02:00February 9th, 2019|

  The South African Cannabis "scene" has become somewhat of a circus of late. We are in that messy transition between a movement and an industry and the soap opera gets a new episode each day. There's new clowns, mother-in-laws, crooks, bean counters and mad gardeners fiddling with the plant and squabbling with each other.

Hairy Pothead and the Marijuana Stone – Written by Dana Larsen. Illustrated by Gary Wintle.

By |2019-09-02T11:38:30+02:00September 2nd, 2018|

The incredible, hilarious, mind-blowing pot-parody, now in its fourth edition. As seen on national and international media. Follow the adventures of Hairy Pothead as he attends Hempwards School of Herbcraft and Weedery. Meet Master Head Alwaze Duinthadope, Professor Vacuous Vape and the rest of the Hempwards Staff! An exciting, entertaining and subversive story that will be enjoyed by

The Pie-Eyed Piper by Dana Larsen, Trystan Mitchell (Illustrator)

By |2019-08-20T15:56:05+02:00August 6th, 2018|

The newest book from the stoned imagination of Dana Larsen. A modern parable with a hempy twist. Fun for all ages! The people of Petrolia have a big problem, they're running out of Goo! Will the Pie-Eyed Piper's magic hemp seeds save the town? Find out in this cleverly written and beautifully illustrated "Weedster Fairy Tale." 32 pages. Hardcover. Fully illustrated.

Marijuana Medicine: A World Tour of the Healing and Visionary Powers of Cannabis – by Christian Rätsch

By |2019-08-21T09:44:21+02:00August 6th, 2018|

A comprehensive survey of the therapeutic, historical, and cultural uses of cannabis in traditions around the world. • The most complete visual record of cannabis culture ever published. • Christian Ratsch is one of the world's foremost ethnopharmacologists and is the current president of the German Society for Ethnomedicine. Marijuana Medicine explores the role of

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