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In order to achieve our objectives we are seeking individuals who share our interest in, and passion for, the Cannabis plant and all the complex social, environmental, political, economic and personal issues that surround it.

Your monthly donation will give you access to the inner workings of our legalisation campaign and connect you with people who are preparing for greener pastures. We receive thousands of queries about licenses, regulations, busts and many more cannabis related information. While we’ve developed a large wealth of freely available knowledge and resources, The Green Network allows us to personally interact with you and your queries.

Brands and companies should please consider an Affiliate donation. This gives you full access to The Green Network, your logo with link on our affiliates page and a monthly donation acknowledgment about your business for our combined 100,000 social media followers.

We have strict community guidelines and privacy policies. These are for your and our protection and comfort, and allow us to run a safe online community.

Help Keep the Wrong Hands Off Our Healing Plant

What The Green Network Can Do For You:

  • Provide assistance should you find yourself on the “wrong” side of the law.
  • Involve you in the exciting process of changing the law.
  • Provide access to a professional network involved with research and development into the potential of a vibrant cannabis industry in South Africa.
  • Facilitate a process whereby you become an active citizen for change.

What You Can Do For The Green Network:

  • Be actively involved in spreading knowledge and awareness of the harms of the prohibition of Cannabis.
  • Donate your skills, knowledge and contacts to our common goal where applicable.
  • Keep up to date with the latest developments both locally and internationally in order to make a valuable contribution to the progress of the organisation.
  • Help with monthly costs of running the organisation.

Your donation goes towards the day to day running of the organisation. Should you wish to remain up to date with news from our organisation without becoming a premium member, please sign up for our newsletter. Our accounting is transparent and independently audited. All Green Network Membership details are secure and will not be shared with anyone. Feel free to proceed and join our community.