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First airing one Sunday afternoon in August 2017, the Hotbox Show is South Africa’s longest running Cannabis Culture podcast.  The first 230 episodes were live streamed, unfortunately due to persistent loadshedding in South Africa we’ve had to make the decision to pre-record our episodes so that we can continue to publish content consistently.

Episodes 1 through to 157 were streamed from The Dagga Couple YouTube channel.  Thanks to continual strikes due to our over-18 content we decided to create our own channel in order to prevent all the content Jules had created from being deleted.

Episode 158 onwards can be found on The Hotbox Show YouTube channel.

About the Show

An initiative of Fields of Green for ALL, the Hotbox Show is a weekly chat show that covers local and international Cannabis news, growing tips, Cannabis culture, product reviews, etc. Our line-up used to include:

  • DankCam (we show you what we’re smoking for the night)
  • Fields of Green for ALL update.
  • Myrtle’s Rant
  • Local CBDNN (news)
  • International CBDNN (news)
  • Shit or Lit (product review)
  • Growing with my Buds (grow tips and advice)
  • Studio Guests (or via Zoom if they can’t get to studio)
  • InstaMyGram (hashtag instagram competition – weekly winner gets a little goodie bag)

Whilst we’re changing things up, we’ve decided to drop the CBDNN (news) section of the show, unless there’s really big, really relevant news that hasn’t been floating around social media for a few days already.

We’re finally getting around to creating Affiliate Focus videos, we’ll be making a full clip (up to 15 minutes), with a teaser shown on the Hotbox Show the day before we publish the full clip.

Our new show format should look something like this, in no particular order and definitely subject to change:

  • Welcome and Dank Cam.
  • Myrtle’s Rant
  • Fields of Green for ALL update
  • Affiliate Focus
  • Guest (zoom or in studio)
  • Blunt Take (the main topic for the show)
  • Having a Blast (extraction teachings)
  • Shit or Lit (product review)
  • MythBudster (fact or cap check on Cannabis myths)
  • InstaMyGram

Your Hosts

Jules Stobbs
Jules StobbsLegend
Usually described as one half of the Dagga Couple or the “Reluctant Activist’. Also one of the nicest, most genuine humans we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. He may be gone, taken in the prime of his life, but he for darn sure will never be forgotten. Never stop saying his name!! #RememberingJules
Myrtle Clarke
Myrtle ClarkeAlso Legend
Myrtle is the surviving half of the Dagga Couple, and co-founder of Fields of Green For ALL. Myrtle is the epitome of what a real Cannabis activist encompasses. She is without a doubt one of the strongest, most inspiring women we’ve ever had the good fortune to work with. We reckon that with the amount of time, effort and research she’s put into creating the Fields of Green for ALL Manifesto she should be given a PhD. Have you read it yet? When you do, you’ll agree.
Joanne Parry
Joanne ParryProduction Manager
JoLekkaDing, aka ‘Queen of Random’. She’s the General Assistant/Gap-Filler at Fields of Green for All and Hotbox Production Manager. Her sons are the light in her life. Also, ACAB and F*ckThePolice!!
Daniel Purkiss
Daniel PurkissThe Grow Man
Dan the Grow Man is here to share his extensive growing knowledge. Besides his amazing general Cannabis knowledge coming at us throughout the show, he’s also here to teach us all how to Grow with your Buds!
Dale Viljoen
Dale ViljoenJust Dale
Dale’s been part of the FGA crew for a few years. Everyone’s little brother. Yes, that means he makes ALL the coffee and he usually helps out with our pre-show braai. He’ll be working on Outside Broadcasts more in the future, as we start growing our content.
Ami Heystek
Ami HeystekThe Wild One
If anyone can bake an edible its our Ami. Her cookies were officially declared the Best in Jozi in 2020 on Ami helps remind us to send out the goodie bag prizes for the InstaMyGram weekly photo competition.
Charl Henning
Charl HenningMr StopTheCops
Charl is the friendly voice that answers your distress calls to Fields of Green for ALL, he’s also our resident office DJ. As our legal advisor, he provides advice to anyone involved with Cannabis as it relates to their rights and gives support to the Cannabis community throughout their legal battles. When Charl isn’t answering the phone or lining up our social media posts, he loves going for long walks and creating the best playlists you could ever imagine working to.
BoomschlangThe Voice
He’s the one we always hear but never see. He’s our ‘Stig’. Pheno-hunter. Of all the people we know who CAN grow, he’s one of the very few who we’d give the title Master Grower without it dripping in sarcasm.
BradNew Techie
Brad’s been part of the Jazzfarm crew as a volunteer at events and around the farm for a few years. He’s now joined the Hotbox crew as our newest techie.

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