Gobuddy – The delivery network

The delivery network that matches peoples daily travel routes to eCommerce deliveries moving in the same direction. We connect people to the eCommerce industry, offering them the opportunity to deliver goods in an easy, convenient and rewarding way. Gobuddy is an impact driven delivery network distributing the value chain of eCommerce to unlock massive opportunity in a sustainable way.

Gobuddy is a revolutionary delivery platform disrupting traditional couriers, providing you with same day, door-to-door delivery within the major cities in South Africa. National deliveries take up to 48 hours. The platform gives you access to the fastest growing delivery service in South Africa, with a network of over 5’000 transporters. It works by matching transporter routes to your customer deliveries. A good way to describe Gobuddy is the Airbnb of delivery. Gobuddy saves you time and money in the most sustainable way.