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Shaping an International Solution

Fields of Green for ALL is proud to be affiliated with these organisations and companies. This is not an indication of mutual endorsement but recognition of a shared end goal for the legalisation of Cannabis worldwide. We salute our affiliates for their hard work and thank them for helping to make the world aware of what is happening in this dynamic field in South Africa. Should your company or organisation wish to become an affiliate, please sign up here.

New York NGO Committee on Drugs

The New York NGO Committee on Drugs invited Fields of Green for ALL to become a member in their ongoing preparations for the 2016 UNGASS conference. This committee promotes civil society participation in the debate and organises preparatory meetings for the conference.

Global Forum of Producers of Prohibited Plants

GFPPP – Fields of Green for ALL is a member of the Global Forum of Producers of Prohibited Plants, which reports to the Civil Society Task Force (CSTF) on drugs, preparing for the 2016 UNGASS conference to be held in New York in April 2016. The forum will be used to construct and consolidate networks of regional and interregional exchange between grassroots organizations of farmers and their organizations and other stakeholders to be vocal in stemming the drug policy debate into one that aims at sustainable solutions to the issue.


In 1993, 14 organizations working in the field of drugs founded the European Coalition for Just and Effective Drug Policies. During two decades, ENCOD grew into a platform of 150 members, organizations, companies and citizens who want an end to the war on drugs. With lobby, actions and information we have strengthened their voice at the United Nations, the European Union and on the national and local level. ENCOD is the European section of an International Coalition.

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MPP - Marijuana Policy Project

“MPP is a leading organization in reforming US marijuana laws. Since 1995 we have made great progress in ending marijuana prohibition by lobbying for legislation and running ballot initiative campaigns to replace prohibition with a sensible system of regulation, which includes medical access for seriously ill patients. MPP believes the greatest harm associated with marijuana is prison, so we focus on removing criminal penalties for marijuana use, particularly medical marijuana patients with approval from their doctor. MPP and MPP Foundation envision a nation where marijuana is legally regulated similarly to alcohol, marijuana education is honest and realistic, and treatment for problem marijuana users is non-coercive and geared toward reducing harm.”

Sensi Seeds

Sensi Seeds pioneered the cannabis seed industry in 1985. Today, the company is the world’s largest cannabis seedbank with over 500 varieties. The Dutch government chose Sensi Seeds genetics to develop the medicinal cannabis supplied by pharmacies.

The world’s attitude towards cannabis is changing. Countries are now legalising cannabis for medicinal and recreational use. The possibilities for industrial, nutritional and pharmaceutical applications of hemp continue to surprise us. Sensi Seeds will play its part and remain at the forefront of these developments.

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LEAP is a group of police, prosecutors, judges, corrections officials and others who want to end the War on Drugs. The crew at LEAP have been very helpful in our discussion around law enforcement’s role in ending Cannabis prohibition in South Africa, especially given the rampant police corruption we face every day.
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Cannabee A private company owned by a South African living in the USA, Cannabee is dedicated to the research and development of “Apothecary Style” Botanical Therapies. We follow the philosophy of Ayurvedic medicine using only the best natural ingredients to develop remedies and treatment protocols that focus on creating a Balanced Endocannabinoid System.
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B.I.G. Seeds

B.I.G. Seeds (Barcelona Investigation & Genetic ) are an independent seed bank from Barcelona specializing in feminised seeds. We only offer our own, stable and high quality genetics. We do not produce seeds for other banks. Since 2007 we’ve been working with selected lines and elite clones to create two very special varieties which, after seven years of work, were released in 2014: Critical Raskera and Big Mamut. In 2016 we will release two new strains: Big Amnesia and Big Lavender. We also are working with Landraces from Swazi, China, Colombia to preserve genetics and get new strains.

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The Stoned Society

The Stoned Society is essentially a cannabis culture publication platform for and by Cannabis enthusiasts, established in 2012. The Stoned Society is a collective of Cannabis enthusiasts providing the stoner community a different approach to bringing news, entertainment, guidance and knowledge on cannabis and psychedelics ran and kept together by CEO & Founder Mauro Picavet.” Based in Amsterdam, The Stoned Society are a great source of insider information on what is known as “The Dutch model” of decriminalisation.

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Drug Policy Alliance

The Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) is the USA’s leading organization promoting drug policies that are grounded in science, compassion, health and human rights.Our supporters are individuals who believe the war on drugs is doing more harm than good. Together we advance policies that reduce the harms of both drug use and drug prohibition, and seek solutions that promote safety while upholding the sovereignty of individuals over their own minds and bodies. We work to ensure that our nation’s drug policies no longer arrest, incarcerate, disenfranchise and otherwise harm millions – particularly young people and people of color who are disproportionately affected by the war on drugs.

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Support. Don't Punish.

Support. Don’t Punish. is a global advocacy campaign to raise awareness of the harms caused by the criminalisation of people who use drugs. The campaign was created in 2013, in acknowledgement of the need to change laws and policies that impede access to harm reduction interventions, and to promote respect for the human rights of people who use drugs. Key messages:

  • The drug control system is broken and in need of reform
  • People who use drugs should no longer be criminalised
  • People involved in the drug trade at low levels, especially those involved for reasons of subsistence or coercion, should not face harsh or disproportionate punishments
  • The death penalty should never be imposed for drug offences
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Stop The Harm

Stop The Harm is a diverse, broad and powerful movement of civil society organisations and NGOs from across the globe who are united around one common purpose; rectifying the catastrophic failures of the current global drug policy regime through campaigning for a new course firmly grounded in health, compassion and human rights. #Decriminalization #EndForcedEradication #EndTheDeathPenalty #UniversalAccess #HarmReduction #HumanRights #EvidenceBasedDrugPolicy

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Lingkar Ganja Nusantara (Cannabis Circle Archipelago)

LGN raises the issue of cannabis from Indonesia’s social, cultural, medical, and political aspects. The foundation aims to make cannabis a plant that can be widely utilized for the lives of Indonesian citizens and mankind as a whole. LGN will address this aim by conducting research on cannabis in Indonesia, educating for critical awareness towards the issue, advocating and defending basic human rights pertaining the use of cannabis, and developing a community who cares and cherish the benefits of cannabis.

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Youth RISE

Youth RISE is a youth-led network promoting evidence-based drug policies and harm reduction strategies with the involvement of young people who use drugs and other key affected populations.
Youth RISE envisions a world where society addresses the needs of young people who use drugs through innovative, humane, evidence-informed, harm reduction and public health-based perspectives.


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Doctors for Cannabis Regulation

Doctors for Cannabis Regulation (DFCR) serves as a voice for physicians who believe that cannabis prohibition has failed and that the misuse of cannabis should be treated as a health issue rather than a criminal one.

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GreenLight Medicines

GreenLight Medicines concentrate on bringing novel cannabinoid medicines to market. To provide relief from serious conditions and greatly improve patients quality of life.

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