One of the first buzzwords we learned at the beginning of our campaign was “desired outcomes”. What do we want legal Cannabis to look like?

Seven years of experience has modified this document and the rising tide of international change has helped it along its way, while the 2018 decriminalisation ruling by the Constitutional Court has made the need for practical regulation all the more real. We trust that you will see some light at the end of the tunnel when reading this first draft. It summarises all the issues we feel need to be dealt with. It attempts to guard against the new regulations equating to Prohibition 2.0, as is happening around the world, particularly in Canada. This is the first draft of a uniquely South African solution and it is for you, the South African public, to comment on its contents and be part of the process of finalising our demands.

This updated draft has been compiled by Fields of Green for ALL and the members of our Green Network and it is the responsibility of the authors to see its entry into discussions in parliament one day. However, it is not exclusive to our opinions or desires. We will gladly accept submissions for inclusion wherever appropriate and credit the contributing authors or organisations accordingly. This is not a Fields of Green for ALL solution, it is a uniquely South African solution.

Just like there has never been a Trial of the Plant anywhere in the world, we don’t believe there have been draft regulations produced anywhere that include the majority of the population and make reparations for the harms of prohibition like these do. Now, more than ever, it is really important to stand together to make the voices of people who use, cultivate and trade in Cannabis in South Africa heard, loud and clear.


Read and have your say about legalization!

Here is the latest draft of our desired outcomes document. This discussion document provides insight into Fields of Green for ALL’s views regarding the many dynamics of legalization in South Africa, as well as highlighting some of the legal, commercial, practical and responsible use complexities that should be anticipated when formalizing the market for all cannabis products.


Add your thoughts to our desired outcomes

We do not claim to have all the answers regarding legalization or Cannabis’ role in South Africa.
That’s why we need all concerned to submit your comments on anything that you think we may have missed or should be more comprehensive about.
Feel free to state your views but please remember to keep it to the point! We hope to find a solution for South Africans by South Africans.


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2018 Desired Outcomes Roadtrip

Fields of Green Roadtrip 2018

Before and since the Constituational Court’s Cannabis legalisation ruling, we’ve been busy working in the background publishing and distributing our Fields Of Green For ALL ‘Desired Outcomes’ Cannabis Legalisation Discussion Document.
This document is a 40 page skeleton setting out the possibilities for the structure of Cannabis Regulations in South Africa. There are many different options being explored, or even implemented, around the world. This booklet needs to be expanded to 400 pages with the nuts and bolts of a uniquely South African solution. This is why we are back on the road again.