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SA Affiliates

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Shaping a South African Solution

Fields of Green for ALL is proud to be affiliated with these local organisations and companies. Should your South African company or organisation, in any industry, wish to become an affiliate, please signup up for our premium subscription here. All affiliates automatically receive private membership to the The Green Network and get to conveniently participate in the important conversations regarding legalisation, while also receiving the opportunity to gain further online brand exposure .

The High Co

The High Co.

The High Co is a South African online head shop with high grade Bongs, Dab Rigs, Pipes, Rolling Papers, Vaporizers and accessories. Free delivery to your door when you spend R420 or more.
THC is one of SA’s longest standing legalization supporters.

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Baked in Jozi

Baked in Jozi guarantees a decadent edible experience every time, Baked in Jozi is a bespoke bakery based in Jozi and delivering deliciousness to your home. They’ve been by our side since the beginning, please support those who support Fields of Green for ALL.

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Green Smoke Room Seeds

Green Smoke Room Seeds is well established in the SA seed business, they pride themselves in preserving diverse genetics and are long supporters of legalisation. They deserve your support in return!

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Delta 9

Delta 9 are purveyors of holistic health, they are part of a quiet revolution that has to include Cannabis legalisation for its dream of accessible wellness for all South Africans. There by our side since the beginning, please support those who support Fields of Green for ALL.

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Greenthumb Hydroponics

Greenthumb Hydroponics are supporters of all working towards Cannabis legalisation, they have knowledgeable staff and is the go-to shop for all your quality hydroponic and growing needs.

Go Now are stalwart long time supporters, they are proudly South African and offer a wide range of quality smoking paraphernalia. Use the coupon code “daggacouple” for 10% discount on anything in the store. Please support our #ProudlyGreen affiliate companies who support legalisation.

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Hemporium are South Africa’s premier hemp brand, their byline says it all – Innovate, Educate, Cultivate. A significant sponsor of our campaign, this is the place to go for all your hemp requirements. There by our side since the beginning, please support those who support Fields of Green for ALL.

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Cannabizart are arty crafters who created their online shop in support of legalisation. They have firsthand knowledge of how cruel prohibition is stress that they are artists, not criminals! Cannabis art focuses on Cannabis / Hemp inspired designs and works with both hemp fabric and upcycled cotton. There by our side since the beginning, please support those who support Fields of Green for ALL.

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Aeradix is the sole distributor of Mars-Hydro, MagicalButter, Unit Farm and tCheck in South Africa. The products stocked by Aeradix carry up to a 3 year warranty fulfilled right here in South Africa. Aeradix also offers repairs on Mars-Hydro and Unit Farm LED grow lights out of warranty where needed. Aeradix aims to ensure you’re always growing without interruption, whether your operation is big or small.

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Bio Leaf Technologies

Bio Leaf Technologies was established to serve a niche market of specialised growers who require consistently high quality of growing mediums for unique growing demands. Our services include the development and supply of specialised organic growing medium products that meet the specific needs of the grower for their unique crop.

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AmaDab is a South African born premium resource for laboratory extraction equipment, vacuum ovens, pumps, glassware, PTFE accessories as well as locally made titanium nails and dab tools.
They proudly offer full extraction solutions to their customers!

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Presentation Clinic

Ever wondered how Myrtle & Jules get through all the speeches and presentations? Providing world class presentation skills and public speaking assistance, The Presentation Clinic offer training nationwide and were responsible for the high quality of the presentations at our Clinical Cannabis Convention in 2017. Learn how to present like a pro and support legalisation at the same time!

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Futurama is more than just another shop that wants to make money. They’re mission is to create a company that exists to serve and benefit people through the products and services that they offer. For them Futurama is only the beginning. In the future their company will do much more than just sell products. As they grow with the intention to enter industries that will allow them to create social, economic and environmental change.

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i420cpt i420 is a Cannabis Culture lifestyle brand and online store originating in Cape Town, creating awareness about cannabis through its diverse culture.

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Oil2Health is focused on Full Extract Cannabis Oils and complimentary therapies.

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Friends of the Herb

Friends of the Herb is a directory of articles, websites and videos, aimed at raising general awareness of supporters and arguments in favour of Cannabis legalisation and industrialisation.

Go Now is die gevaaalikste website op die interweb-dansbaan.” This cutting edge team have supported Cannabis legalisation with their podcasts and culture reviews with incisive and entertaining style. Crossing the boundaries of traditional culture, this dynamic Afrikaans language website is worth watching!

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