Use of Cannabis in Industry

Industrial Cannabis has long been a staple of industry the world over. Fuel to fibre, cereal to lip balm! Cannabis has often paved the way for a renewable resource in a finite world. Its use continues to be applied in international housing, food, nutrition, fibre, fuel, plastics, pharmaceutical, health, motor vehicle and skin care sectors. Locally we are yet to be fully exposed to the unrealised demand for Industrial Cannabis.

In South Africa this market remains largely untapped, while still maintaining a niche following due to an undeniable demand for socially responsible and sustainable products. Research into feasible strains and production methods has been attempted, with varying success, for some time. Permits for Industrial Cannabis trials are available and we watch with interest as various government bodies start to wake up about the potential of this crop despite the strict regulation of Cannabis in South Africa.

Fields of Green for ALL supports the implementation and growth of a local Industrial Cannabis industry and recognizes its significant role in the post Cannabis legalisation framework in South Africa. Join The Green Network to find out how you can become involved in plans for more Industrial Cannabis trials and product research in SA.

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