Gathering of Remembrance for Jules Stobbs

Rest in Peace, in Fields of Green

Gathering of Remembrance for Jules Stobbs
Date: Saturday 18 July 2020 Time: 11h30 for 12h00 (Live stream to start at 12pm)
Livestream Source: The Dagga Couple YouTube Channel

Under normal circumstances we would have welcomed the Cannabis community to mourn with us, all together, in the same space. Due to Covid-19 Regulations we may not have a gathering of more than 50 people. We have decided to live stream the Jazzfarm Remembrance. This will allow your community groups of like-minded people to gather at homes and 420-friendly venues around the country to pay their respects in any way that feels fitting.

Myrtle would like to say thank you to our Jazzfarm family and friends who have helped to keep her safe during this time. Everybody who fixed the bedroom and everybody who sent messages of love and care from around the world. Thank you to the South African Cannabis community, the Plant people, the Gogos, the Rastafari, the farmers, and the media for your massive outpouring of love. To all the activists, both here, across Africa, and around the world – we will never give up.

Thank you again, Myrtle and family.

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