Affiliate Highlight: The Green Affiliate

By |Published On: June 2nd, 2022|
The Green Affiliate

We recently asked our affiliates at Fields of Green for ALL a few questions so that we can introduce them to you, on a more personal level, and you can get to know a little more about the brands that have helped to make history in South Africa’s long and still winding road to Cannabis legalisation for ALL South Africans.

This week we highlight and introduce you to Jesse from The Green Affiliate.

I grew up with parents that used Cannabis and never felt that stigma towards the plant that many have before or still do today. Although I never used Cannabis until my teen years, I feel that it has always been a part of my life. The norm. Soon, the new norm for the entire world.

To be involved with something that the world was wrong about (or lied about) – along with the lack of good genetics readily available to South Africans – inspired me to start a journey of meeting and collaborating with like-minded people, and ultimately opening a business within the ‘Cannabis Industry To-Be’ and be part of the change that’s happening all around the world.

Although we’ve been around since before decriminalization in 2018, we’re still a small local business. All the baby steps add up to the pride we glow with today. As the little guy, we take big pride in our stride, knowing that we started from the very bottom, to collaborating with some of the worldwide industry leaders in Cannabis Genetics, as well as other fields within the South African Cannabis Community and ‘industry’.

PS: We are beyond proud to be an affiliate of Fields Of Green For All and to contribute our part towards the activism of Cannabis Reform.

It matters who you support – Don’t be a groupie and give all at least once chance, but catch onto vibes, not everything may be as it seems. |Don’t put all your eggs in one basket – Not everything works out the way you saw it, but that’s ok, if you’ve got a back-up to balance things out. |Things take time – However, don’t let any extra time go to waste. Many obstacles may require a waiting period, so make sure you’re ‘waiting constructively’.

Exactly that. Know who your dagga farmer is or where your dagga is from. Know that your dagga is clean and safe for consumption. Don’t settle for anything less.

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