Everything You Need to Know for the Amber Cup – 7/10 2023

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Tickets are LIVE for the 5th official Amber Cup – Our friendly competition to see who has the finest dab in the land!

At Fields of Green for ALL we continue the endless fight to re-legalise our favourite Plant. High and low fives – we are ALL still standing & we refuse to stop until we are ALL free!

Celebrate the OG of it ALL at a true 7/10 Amber Cup on 7 October 2023 at The Jazzfarm – the OG home of the Dagga Couple.

Entry and Judge Tickets are available at Quicket for R420 each – https://qkt.io/lk2AyX

If you can’t attend but wish to make a donation to our tireless efforts, you can do so directly via Quicket. Your R420 donation keeps Fields of Green for ALL in those high houses, huffing and puffing, until we blow them ALL in!

Remember : FREE EXHIBITOR ENTRY for ALL members of The Green Network, Affiliates of Fields of Green for ALL, and all members of The Jazzfarm Social Club. Fill in the ENTRY FORM & we will send you a code to get your ticket from Quicket.


The Amber Cup remains one of our biggest fundraisers in fighting the powers that be to get our favourite Plant free and realising Fields of Green for ALL! We need to prepare our venue and reward our winners – over and above raising funds for our cause.


R 12 000 gets you the full sponsorship package PLUS one year Fields of Green for ALL Affiliate membership worth R 9 995.

R 2 000 sponsorship package is for existing Affiliates wanting to add a bit of zing to the day.

Please contact us on [email protected] for full Sponsorship details.

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Come put your Judging skills to the test with the finest dab in the land!

All Finalists will display their test certificate from our partners Qure Labs – what you see is what you dab.

All Judges have the day to circulate between our Finalists, sampling their dope skills to decide who takes the top three places.

The following criteria will apply to the Judging, with points out of 5 with 2 decimals:

  • Appearance – Colour, texture, and overall prettiness.
  • Taste – Flavour and smoothness – do you dab or gag?
  • Effect – How high do you fly?
  • Info from Exhibitor – Are your questions answered or are you left guessing?
  • Presentation / Exhibition Stand – The best one also gets a prize!

All Finalists will ask Judges about their tolerance – this is to make sure you don’t overdo it and that you can judge everyone fairly. Judging happens from 11 am to 4 pm, so be sure to pace yourselves!

We absolutely need each Judge to make their way to each Finalist to keep this day of remarkable talent fair.

Our partners at Cannabis Club Systems (the creators of our remarkable judging app) know ties can happen. So, if we do have a tie, the trophy will go to the dab with the higher THC content – this is the fairest outcome we could decide on after much deliberation. We have also introduced Judging to 2 decimal places – 2.5 out of 5 / 2.75 out of 5, for example – so that we can avoid a tie as far as possible.

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A huge High Five on producing the finest dab in the land! We simply can’t wait to test your Concentrates to see who will qualify for the Amber Cup. We are stoked to see which Finalists will introduce their dope skills in this fine craft to our Judges on 7/10.

Below you will find all the necessary  info about how to enter, and the things we need to make sure the Amber Cup is a true dab in celebration of the OGs that have brought us this far.

Step 1 – Decide on your Dab – Submit a 2g sample of just 1 type of your best concentrate: BHO, Rosin, Shatter – so long as you can dab it, you can enter it!

Step 2 – Fill in your ENTRY FORM by 1 September and we will be in touch

Step 3 – Buy your ENTRY Ticket at Quicket for R420

Step 4 – Courier Collection / In-person delivery of your 2g sample – We will arrange collection on/before 8 September (Select the right one on your Entry Form)

Step 5 – Testing at Qure Labs – ALL entries will get a lab certificate for the Judges and as a little thanks

Step 6 – Prejudging by the OG’s at Fields of Green for ALL


Step 8 – Finalists arrive at The JazzFarm by 9 am on 7 October 2023 to set up for the Judges arriving at 11 am. You will need to have 10g of Dab on the day to make sure ALL the Judges have a good bit to test

We have tables and chairs for our out-of-town Finalists – get in touch if you need any help setting up.

Be ready to show off your skills, knowledge, and passion for our favourite Plant to our Judges!

Further details will be communicated across the usual channels once Finalists are announced.

Remember: Entry Tickets cover 2 people total to come and present your wares at the Amber Cup.

Entries that don’t qualify still come as Judges on the day – we hope to see you ALL there!

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Yummy munchies, a cash bar and the OG Jazzfarm funky vibes are all lined up for the day, along with that special Jazzfarm Tea with every ticket. If you feel left in the dark, come and shine an Amber glow on your Cup . . .

Please feel free to forward invites to your friends. We would just like to remind you that the Amber Cup remains a very private event. Let’s keep it low key on the socials until after the event. We need to do our very best to avoid the many errors of the police under the continued state of prohibition we find ourselves in.

All communications and updates will circulate via email and our Telegram group – you’ll receive an invite once you have your tickets sorted.

We are stoked to welcome a bunch of new faces and talent to our ever-growing family of Cannasseurs and Enthusiasts!

Please feel free to get in touch directly if you have any further questions: [email protected]

Now, let’s get ready to heat those nails, puff those clouds, and see who wins the 5th Amber Cup on 7/10, in true OG style.

Fields of Green for ALL thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your love and support in bringing another OG Amber Cup to The Jazzfarm!

Thank you to our FGA Affiliates who help to make our ongoing content creation possible!

Thank you to our FGA Affiliates who help to make our ongoing content creation possible!


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