Last week’s release of Section 3: Stakeholders illustrated how many types of Stakeholders that are, or need to be, involved in Cannabis policy discussions in South Africa. Additionally our submitted commentary to last year’s proposed Cannabis Bill incorporated the voice of our constituency, which spans a diverse and broad range of individuals and organisations that make up our local Cannabis community in South Africa.

The next section being released today, called Leaving No-one Behind: Six Mandatory Ethical Principles for Fair Regulations, begins to build our argument that Cannabis policy discussions across the world are sometimes flawed, as well as biased towards Medical-use Cannabis, and for this reason we need to take a different approach in South Africa.

In this section we discuss:

  • Specific Aims of Drug Policy
  • Six Foundational Principles to Guide and Sustain New Regulations
  • Seed Protection within the Nagoya Protocol
  • The Disproportionality between Regulations and Medical Use vs. All Other Uses

We look forward to next week’s release of Section 5: Full-Spectrum Model for Cannabis Regulation, which is the most important section in our Manifesto, describing in detail how regulations can be formulated to benefit all South Africans.

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