Affiliate Monthly Donation

R995 / month

Premium Monthly Donation that is an ideal opportunity for companies and brands to support Cannabis legalisation while receiving positive online exposure.

Would you like a Gold Bud on the Cannabis Freedom Tree?

We value each and every donor who has helped us along the road to making legal Cannabis a reality in South Africa. Our developers came up with the Cannabis Freedom Tree for our crowd funding campaign during 2015 and we are now extending this to include each and every donor, until the day that every South African can grow their own freedom tree in their own garden!

If you would like your name or alias to appear on the tree, please fill it in below:



Your premium Affiliate monthly donation gives you full access to The Green Network while showing your support for legalisation.

Benefits of an Affiliate Monthly Donation:

  • Full access to The Green Network, including the Private Telegram group.
  • Your company or brand logo and a short description, with an embedded link to your website on our Affiliates page.
  • Your company in our final “Full Spectrum Manifesto for Policy Reform”, previously known as the “Desired Outcomes” document. The final edit will be printed early 2021 and distributed to all relevant government departments as well as all interested stakeholders and the public.
  • A monthly social media share for your business from the Dagga Couple and Fields of Green for All . We have a combined social media reach of over 112,000.
  • A shout out on the Hotbox Show, our weekly cannabis culture live chat show, streamed live and unpredictable every Thursday from 7pm on Facebook and YouTube and is watched by thousands of people online.
  • Product placement/product reviews on the Hotbox Show.
  • Your logo/brand placed in the header of the Hotbox Show website.
  • First option for stall space at our events.


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