The Drug Users Bible: Harm Reduction, Risk Mitigation, Personal Safety – by Dominic Milton Trott

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Over a 10 year period the author self-administered over 150 psychoactive substances; both chemicals and plants. For each of them he recorded the essential and life-sensitive safety data, including the anticipated onset times, the common threshold doses, the routes of administration, and the expected periods of efficacy.

In addition, for every compound he also produced a trip report, detailing the qualitative experience itself, often in the form of a log of effects at various time checks. This delivered another invaluable insight, enabling for example, an objective assessment of the extent of any loss of judgement and self-control.

This is a substantial body of work, embracing a wealth of direct support material, including addiction/overdose advice, legal briefings, and relative harm tables. Its content also extends to cover aspects like drug tourism, drugs in culture, psychedelic exploration and the handling of mandatory drug tests. It is crammed with detailed reference data, and even includes its own drug dictionary.

The Drug Users Bible is a unique and unprecedented volume of encyclopaedic research, embracing the full extent of the drugscape. Its objective is to provide, without fear or compromise, core and critical information to support the health and welfare of the 250 million people in the world who use drugs.

The book itself is lavishly illustrated with hundreds of photographs, taken by the author himself. It is a significant extension of the highly acclaimed first version, which was titled The Honest Drug Book.

The first section comprises a solid introduction to basic but crucial drug concepts and practices. It is, in itself, indispensable prior-reading for anyone who chooses to use a recreational drug.

It contains, for example, a detailed risk mitigation procedure; the widely lauded ‘Ten Commandments of Safer Drug Use‘. This presents a generic set of easy to follow steps to aid personal safety, inclusive of an illustrated explanation of how to identity test the drugs themselves.

The full gamut of psychoactive chemicals and botanicals is meticulously covered across dedicated sections. Well known examples include LSD, heroin, Cannabis, lean, kratom, cocaine, 2C-B, DMT, DXM, methamphetamine, salvia divinorum, ketamine, ayahuasca and MDMA. Lesser known examples include betel, 4-ho-met, changa, ephenidine, ololiuqui, cebil, mapacho, MNA, celastrus paniculatus, and yohimbe.

The scope also extends well beyond the most common categories, of psychedelics, stimulants, depressants, dissociatives and cannabinoids. Included, for example, are nootropics (smart drugs) and oneirogens (dream herbs). The study and investigation of psychoactivity was unfettered and unbounded.

Drug use does not occur in a vacuum, so the final section considers the wider context, with in-depth examination of everything from travel to the law, as well as the horrors of the war on drugs itself. Fact, science and genuine statistics replace the myths, fabrications and censorship of the prevailing social order, again with the welfare of drug users emphasized.

Education underpins harm reduction, and is the primary driver throughout. Indeed, personal safety is the first and last message, and guides the entire narrative. This is a book for drug users and their families. It is a book which will help to avert tragedy. It is a book which will save lives. –

If you are looking for a book that covers the full spectrum of the drugscape, from Cannabis to DMT, from LSD to kratom, then you might want to check out The Drug Users Bible: Harm Reduction, Risk Mitigation, Personal Safety by Dominic Milton Trott. This book is not a glorification of drug use, but a comprehensive and objective guide to support the health and welfare of the millions of people who use drugs around the world. It documents the facts about each drug, including dosage, effects, risks, legal status and harm reduction strategies. It also provides an antidote to the war on drugs that has caused so much misinformation and stigma.

One of the main themes of this book is harm reduction, which is a set of practical strategies and ideas aimed at reducing negative consequences associated with drug use. Harm reduction recognizes that people have different reasons for using drugs and that abstinence is not always possible or desirable. Instead of judging or punishing drug users, harm reduction seeks to empower them with knowledge and resources to make informed choices and minimize harms.

Cannabis is one of the most widely used drugs in the world. It has many benefits for some people, such as relieving pain, anxiety or nausea. However, it also has some potential risks and side effects for others. The Drug Users Bible provides detailed information on how to use Cannabis safely and responsibly.

Dominic has taken over 157 drugs and rigorously documented his experience of each one. This is an extremely fascinating talk with a very unique individual. Hope you enjoy it!

Thank you to our FGA Affiliates who help to make our ongoing content creation possible!

Thank you to our FGA Affiliates who help to make our ongoing content creation possible!


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