#CCHSA 2020 Campaign – Cannabis in South Africa – Not Legal Yet.

Prohibition is something that many South Africans have become uncomfortably close to in the first few months of 2020. Yet, full legalisation, coupled with the fair and equitable regulation of Cannabis, will be of great help to South Africa and our economy at a time when South Africa desperately needs all the help it can get.

South Africa needs to join the ever expanding list of countries with legal Cannabis markets. The whole country is looking for sustainable ways to rebuild our economy after this devastating lockdown. It is time to bring the reality of  our existing Cannabis industry & its future (in all its complexity) to the attention of our President, our Minister of Finance and  the rest of government, as a truly South African beacon of hope.

Fields of Green for ALL Legalise Cannabis in South Africa

Is Cannabis legal in South Africa in 2020?

Cannabis is still illegal in South Africa, other than for your own personal and private use. We need your voice to help us reach 42 000 signatures on our petition to completely legalise Cannabis in South Africa with fair regulations for all.

Concerned about sharing your details? Read our disclaimer and indemnity – you cannot be arrested for signing this petition, nor does a signature indicate that you are involved in any illegal activities.

Good People Disobey Bad Laws

South Africans made plans to get their alcohol and cigarettes illegally during lockdown. Likewise, good people have been using, cultivating and trading Cannabis, under prohibition in South Africa, for more than 100 years. The industry already exists, and a meticulously crafted plan for legal Cannabis in South Africa has been created and is ready to be heard and considered by parliament.

CBD and Cannabis Oil Trade and Medical Cannabis in South Africa

Regardless if you are using Cannabis as a responsible adult, either as a safe relaxant or to self-medicate, or to treat a specific illness requiring a sophisticated pharmaceutical product, you should be able to do so legally and at an affordable price. You have the right to know where your Cannabis comes from and every farmer has the right to a fair market for their Cannabis. #KnowYourFarmer

Cannabis Can Help South Africa

If regulated in a fair and equitable way, Cannabis can help every South African, rather than select investors with capital.  Entrepreneurship, in the true sense of the term,  can become a reality for many South Africans already producing Cannabis, particularly in our small towns and rural areas.

I am not criminal


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