Social Activism

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Social Activism

social activism page pic 2South Africa is a unique and diverse nation with many obstacles to overcome. This brings unique challenges to the fight for Cannabis legalization in our country, particularly the social and economic disadvantages left over from apartheid that persevere to this day. This is why Fields of Green for ALL has always been committed to creating awareness of Cannabis issues on many varied levels in order represent a wide range of civil society adversely affected by prohibition.

Our three busy websites, social media pages, YouTube channel and The Green Network are instrumental in taking our message to as many people as possible but we are not ignorant of the fact that economic inequality disadvantages most South Africans and limits their access to the internet. We have therefore made it one of our missions to travel the length and breadth of our beautiful country in order to share our message of hope.

These journeys have given us the opportunity meet with farmers, traditional healers, and communities who continue to be labelled criminals under South Africa’s draconian Cannabis laws. It is imperative that South African Cannabis law reform does not take place without engaging those who are seriously prejudiced under the current system. With your support and donations we will able to continue this important work before, during and after legalisation. Please see Our Desired Outcomes Discussion Document for proposals around what we want legal Cannabis to look like.

DC-full-300x62To find out more about the Social Activism branch of our campaign and how you can help, please visit The Dagga Couple website.

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