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By |Published On: November 11th, 2020|
Cannabis Can Help South Africa

Being a part of the Cannabis industry doesn’t limit you to just growing.  The range and variety of industries that are springing up around the Cannabis plant is inspiring. Almost infinite, if I may be so bold.

From grow equipment to harvest crews to head shops to extraction specialists, and that’s just on the smoke-able side of things, which is admittedly a miniscule slice of the whole plant pie.  I’m looking forward to a future filled with Cannabis socks, plastics, roads, homes, animal feeds, fuels, foods and supplements, to name but a few of the endless possibilities.

These are the types of industries our Affiliates can be found in.

What is an Affiliate? It’s a company that chooses to show support for a fair, evidence and human rights-based policies and regulations as promulgated by Fields of Green for ALL.  The way they show that support is by means of a financial donation made either on a monthly or annual basis.  This helps us pay for the running of our office and a meagre allowance to our small crew of volunteers, as we chip away at the unrealistic bills proposed by our government.

In return for their much-appreciated donation, we offer a little something in return.  Social media posts, a spot on the Hotbox Show, their logo printed in our Manifesto (a document that will go down in the history books of SA), their logo and company link are published on our Affiliates page.  We can’t offer mind blowing design or marketing strategies and the likes. We are not a Public Relations, Marketing or Media agency. Our focus is on ensuring fair laws for ALL, but we do what we can to let our community know who the companies are that support progressive Cannabis laws.

Here is the package explained in a little more detail:

  • Full access to the Green Network, including the Private Telegram group.
  • Your company or brand logo and a short blurb, with an embedded link to your website on our Affiliates page.
  • Your company or brand logo in our final “Full Spectrum Manifesto for Policy Reform, previously known as the “Desired Outcomes” document. The final edit will be printed towards the end of 2020 and distributed to all relevant government departments as well as all interested stakeholders and the public.
  • A monthly social media share for your business from the Dagga Couple and Fields of Green for All. We have a combined social media reach of over 116,000.
  • A shout out on the Hotbox Show, our weekly cannabis culture chat show, live streamed every Thursday from 7pm on Facebook and YouTube.
  • Product placement/product review on the Hotbox Show.
  • Your logo/brand in the header on the Hotbox Show website;
  • 50% discount for a stall at the Annual D-Day 420 Festival.
  • The Premium ANNUAL donation will give you two months free

If you work for, or own a business that would be keen to become an Affiliate, please feel free to follow THIS LINK to sign up or contact us.

Thank you to our FGA Affiliates who help to make our ongoing content creation possible!

Thank you to our FGA Affiliates who help to make our ongoing content creation possible!


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  1. Tyrell November 11, 2020 at 9:07 am - Reply

    Good morning

    I’ve started growing just for personal use and would like a platform of information, blogs and tips as well as understanding the legal aspects of growing, what plan would be best suited for an individual like myself to be part of ypur organisation? Thanks hope to hear from you soon!

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