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The 5th official Amber Cup 2023 took place this past weekend on a bright and sunny 7/10 at The Jazzfarm. We are all still basking in the warm afterglow of this community fundraising event celebrating our OGs and the finest dab in the land.

Getting 13 Entries of the finest dab in the land made it impossible for us to choose just 10, so we decided to spoil you all with the lot. Judges were able to enjoy a variety of extraction methods, ranging from BHO to Hash press, rosin to cold extraction, and everything in between. When not huffing and puffing away, Borilla Glass was entertaining us with live glass blowing, Green Squirrel Farms had a Graffiti artist working on a scrappy squirrel stealing bud, and the pizza oven blazed to sate our appetites.

Qure – proud affiliates of Fields of Green for ALL – took care of the testing, delivering a full cannabinoid breakdown of each dab. This gave our Finalists extra details to share with our Judges.

All dabs were judged according to Appearance, Taste, and Effect of the dab; Info from the Finalists; and overall Presentation of their stalls. Scores were tallied on the easy-to-use software from Cannabis Club Systems.


Winners Amadeadly & Green Squirrel Farms collaborated on their Ice Cream Candy, offering a lower dose THC hit with a rising terpene profile, leaving a glittering aftertaste as the high sparks one up. Shouting “this one is for Jules!” our OG B’s infectious joy lifted our spirits high above the dank clouds of the day!

Second prize went to Fire on Ice 420 – our first ever Finalists from Durban! Our newcomers completely blew us away with their incredibly dank Skywalker OG (genetics by 7 Sundaze). Fruity and diverse terpenes, this dab is for anyone looking to kick their day up to the next level.

Medusa Dab took third place with their Exodus Cheese and OG extraction methods perfected over the years to deliver a dabbing experience that leaves one floating blissfully in the clouds.

The Best Stall went to The Highble. They beautifully presented their wares, keeping Judges happy and comfy at their earthy and cool stall as they enjoyed their dab (UK Blue Cheese) and breakdown on their pufferings.

Sergio, our Lucky Draw winner grabbed his first win ever with absolute joy – we are super stoked that you won such a dope prize on the day!


Bringing the Amber Cup to The Jazzfarm is no easy feat. We absolutely could not do what we do without our amazing Team, Sponsors, and Contributors.

Myrtle Clarke – our Managing Director, who always manages to direct things in the best possible direction in unleashing our favourite Plant, for bringing us back together again.

Ami Heystek – our Youth & Diversity Director, who brings people together and keeps everything running smoothly. We also have Ami to thank for the delicious sweet treats that sustained us ALL as we puffed away.

Charl Henning – our Victim Support Manager, who always keeps our arrest victims calm as focused as they dodge the long arm of the law, whose funky beats as AdamUnBeat brought only good vibes to the day.

Leela Baer – our Content Manager & Research Supporter, who can pull together copy in a blitz, keeping you ALL informed on the goings on at Fields of Green for ALL, Amber Cup included. She can bake a pretty decent chocolate cake late at night, too.

Etienne van Zyl – our Drug Policy Anthropologist is pretty handy at setting things up and helping out with the details of a big event like the Amber Cup.

Joanne Parry  – our Audio Visual Manager is always ready to capture those magic moments at any event and to help out no matter the size of the task. Jo’s boys Nick and Sam kept us all hydrated at the bar.

Lee Sheehan – our splendiferous Bookkeeper brightens any day and smooths out any event with his vibrant calmness.

Dale & Alan – manning The Jazzfarm stall and introducing our Blueberry to our Judges takes some skill – thanks to Dale and Alan we never need to worry.

Luka van Schoor – Social Media manager for The Jazzfarm, she is always ready to capture the moment and share it with our growing family of supporters across social media channels.

Seth Ferreira – son of Natie and Ilse Ferreira from Dagga Farmacy, Seth is our man for heavy lifting and tricky tasks when setting up.

Shayne Howlin – our Design Guru from Print of View is always running around getting things together and making our brand and spaces beautiful. Her creativity, reliability, and readiness are endlessly appreciated!

Thembi & The Jazzfarm Ground Staff – working throughout the day to keep things beautiful and happening, through the quiet times and busy event schedules both.

We would absolutely not be able to spOIL our winners and the various attendees without the generosity of ALL involved in the Amber Cup.

We cannot thank you ALL enough for what you did in bringing the 5th official Amber Cup to The Jazzfarm. It was an honour sharing this day of sharing, community, and extraction expertise with you ALL.

Light one up for Jules!

Thank you to our FGA Affiliates who help to make our ongoing content creation possible!

Thank you to our FGA Affiliates who help to make our ongoing content creation possible!


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