Calm after the storm

By |Published On: September 21st, 2012|

We’re back, we’re fine. Shaken, not stirred.

What a surreal ordeal it was too! Three armed men calmly walk into our lounge, the same lounge we’ve lived in for 20 years, grab us, tie us up with our own couch throws and proceeded to relieve us of all our toys.

They were not aggressive, they gave us water, we’re weren’t kicked around. Things started getting very heated when they heard we had no guns or a safe full of cash but telling the truth is what we specialize in, so we had to be believed. Thirty minutes later they calmly opened our front gate with one of the remotes and fled on foot. Myrtle was the first to get herself untied and subsequently untied Jules and Imiël who were trussed to each other on the lounge floor.

The backup of the backup was taken so there’s a lot of information gathering to be done. Ten years of MP3s for a start!

Imiël Visser (NORML ZA), was at The Jazzfarm to launch DC’s 2.0 website with bells and whistles but that will have to wait a short while. That was so new, not much of it was saved. Three laptops 4 hard drives and the phones. No ID’s. passports and cards taken thankfully. They could have taken our vehicles too. They didn’t, choosing to leave on foot.

Our local police rocked up quickly, lots of them, the statements were taken and then an eerie calm shrouded the plaas…..

Next morning we found out how they crawled under the electric fence and our long time next door neighbour described the three of them perfectly. Turns out he’d recently laid all three of them off when he folded a business. He gave us a photocopy of the most easily identifiable one which the police now have.

Sorry to burst your conspiratorial bubbles but it wasn’t MI5, CIA, ANC or anyone – it was some amateurish disgruntled jobless loosers who turned our lives upside down.

Life goes on – we’re dealing with the loss quickly and efficiently, all the time chanting the mantra ‘it could have been worse’ ‘it could have been worse’

We’re heavily insured but you all know the small print those bastardos come up with to hamper your claim.

We’ll never forget the taste of the phat pipe of greenery the three of us bust when the feds had left. Pure, unadulterated medicine – and don’t let anyone tell you any different!

Thanks all of you for the messages of support. You guys rock. It’s makes a HUGE difference to morale don’t you know.

A lot of DC documents are working docs on other people’s hard drives – they’ll slowly come back to us – they’ve already started to. The lawyers have all the long winded court stuff backed up but nevertheless, there’s still a sh*t load of stuff gone – every photo we’ve ever taken…..

The weekend is upon us. Myrtle and I are going somewhere quiet to lick our wounds and figure out a plan. We’ll be back with a vengence next week for another exciting installment of ‘it’s my constitutional right to ingest Dagga’, back off.

Lekker bly


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  1. NoMoreFear July 11, 2013 at 10:23 pm - Reply

    I hope all goes well! You are doing a really awesome thing here! I support you! Will get my friends to spread the word. The dagga party needs seats in parliament

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