Cannabis Mass Action Gathering 17 Sept 2022

By |Published On: September 9th, 2022|

Fields of Green for ALL, industry and community leaders, FGA Affiliates and members of The Green Network invite you to join our Mass Action in Cape Town, Pretoria and all over the country on Saturday 17 September at 10am.

You can download the PDF of the Memorandum which will be delivered to the government here.
Please join the facebook events here.

Detailed Event Locations here.
Please arrive with placards as these are invaluable for the spread of our message after the event. You can get ideas in this list we have put together OR you can get printable artwork on the feed of the Facebook event.

Fields of Green for ALL applied for permission for the event at the Union Buildings, Pretoria and this is the cover letter we sent in with the application:

Please find attached our Application for Permission to gather at the Union Buildings on Saturday 17 September 2022, in the form of a Notice of Gathering. This will be a peaceful gathering of members of the Cannabis community, in consolidation with Cannabis community members who will be gathering at various venues around South Africa.

Fields of Green for ALL was established in 2013 to deal with the obstacles surrounding the re-legalisation of Cannabis in South Africa. Our non-profit company is also the evidence provider for various strategic litigation spanning the last 12 years in South Africa. Our plaintiffs were successful in achieving a Constitutional Court judgement in September 2018 allowing for the private possession, use and cultivation of Cannabis in private spaces.

Our government was instructed by the highest court in the land to amend the defects in the law but to date, the slow progress has resulted in us seeing no amendments to said law. On 18 September 2022, it will be four years since the judgement.

Together with fellow activists, businesspeople, victims of prohibition and the general Cannabis community we wish to express our dissatisfaction with the current status quo.

We thank you for this opportunity to exercise our Constitutional right to stage a peaceful gathering.

Greenest Regards

Thank you to our FGA Affiliates who help to make our ongoing content creation possible!

Thank you to our FGA Affiliates who help to make our ongoing content creation possible!


About the Author: Charl Henning

I have worked at Fields of Green For All and Stop The Cops since 2014. Apart from day to day admin I also man our helpline and support victims of arrest.

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  1. Lorraine Keenan September 11, 2022 at 3:07 pm - Reply


    in joburg and Cape Town people are being arrested all the time

  2. D September 10, 2022 at 11:17 am - Reply

    Hi there, there is mistake in the Locations PDF at the end of the third paragraph. I believe this should be “no longer acceptable” or “unacceptable” but not “no longer unacceptable” which implies we accept it.

    I feel it’s important for us to communicate this correctly

  3. Nthako Sekhokho September 10, 2022 at 10:47 am - Reply

    Lucky you,Piet

  4. Piet September 10, 2022 at 6:24 am - Reply

    I can buy great quality cannabis over the counter pretty much everywhere in Durban. Why you guys protesting?

    • Ami September 12, 2022 at 9:29 am - Reply

      Hello Piet, we are gathering as we are fighting for full legalization. Since the Court Ruling (4 years ago) we have no regulations or legislation. Trade is illegal still. People are being arrested daily and our rights are being violated.

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