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With big shoes to fill and bigger dreams to fulfil, Julian Stobbs left an incredible mark on those who knew him. Indeed, he influenced even those of us who never got to know him or fight beside him. Standing always besides Myrtle, Jules helped shape Cannabis history for the better in South Africa. His fiya burns in our hearts the same as it always has.

Today that fiya burns a little brighter as we commemorate our Captain Green, taken from us three years ago.

Below, a few messages from those who knew our Jules best.



Jules Stobbs – difficult to reflect back on in only a few words. A rare case of a client becoming a true and cherished friend. As independent as he was charitable. Incredibly stubborn, but always open to persuasion. An activist, for the right reasons. Fiercely protective of his true love, Myrtle. A leader of his tribe. A lover of entheogen-amplified music and mischief. His legacy will be the realisation of our right to cognitive liberty – to explore within our own minds wherever and whenever we wish. We continue forwards for you, Jules, in the colourful direction that you plotted for us.

– Paul-Michael Keichel



Jules showed us what it means to be unwavering in what you believe. His soul held the fire of Integrity that guarded his belief for equal rights to our beloved Plant,  and showed no fear to speak it to the world. We will never forget you my friend. We will carry strength in the memory of you and hold your name up high when the walls of adversity come tumbling down. Thank you for all that you have done. We love you, Matey.

– Jared Brass



It’s now three years since our treasured Captain Green was violently stolen from our hearts and home, and we were left to face the pervasive wrongness of the civilised world all on our own.

But Jules remains the guiding light in all that we do – incarnated within each one of us – to liberate his beloved Cannabis and free her from the shackles of prohibition. To then soar free and serve as the soul food and cognitive liberator for all of humanity, for aeons still to come.

So what would Jules say, today? I believe that Jules would tell us to be encouraged by the paradigm policy shift our government has actioned when changing our cannabis course towards a truer North Star. But he would tell us especially to be watchful, ay Matey, and to hold those in power to account – ensure the spoken winds of change become unstoppable torrents of consciousness – we are now, only, at the end of the beginning; the real hard work starts today.

– Ricky Stone



A few letters came in and we wanted you ALL to read them and know that through the darkest of challenges, we keep Jules’ fiya burning bright!

Dear Myrtle,

Today marks the third anniversary of the loss of your beloved, Jules, and our heart is heavy with the remembrance of his departure. The Dagga Couple, both of you, have left an indelible mark on the world of Cannabis activism, and your unwavering dedication to the cause has inspired countless individuals from all around the world.

Jules was a remarkable man, but you, M, are the embodiment of strength and resilience. Throughout the years, you have carried the torch of Cannabis advocacy with grace and determination, earning the title of the mother of Cannabis. Your unwavering spirit has empowered others to fight for the recognition and understanding of this beautiful Plant’s true potential.

In the face of adversity, you have shown us what it means to be passionate, fearless, and unyielding. Your commitment to promoting education and challenging societal stigmas has paved the way for a more enlightened perspective on Cannabis. You have nurtured a community of like-minded individuals who stand together, united by the belief in the healing power of this Plant.

On this day of remembrance, I want you to know that Jules’ legacy lives on through you, and the impact you both have made will continue to shape the future. Take comfort in the knowledge that your love story and advocacy work have touched the lives of countless people.

May the memories of Jules bring you solace, and may the flame of your passion continue to burn brightly. You are not alone in this journey, M. We stand by your side, grateful for your unwavering dedication and the love you have shared.

With heartfelt condolences and admiration,

Wesley Young and Jared Brass



To Jules,

I miss you brother, We Miss you… The Cannabis Community Misses you…

Your Murder left a big void in our Lives. A space too big for anyone to occupy. The depth of your being is a reflection of the the impact you had on your close family and friends. We miss how you Lit up a room and Lit up a Pipe. How your energy was a magnet for activism and our daily inspiration to Stand up and fight for our rights.

You pushed boundaries Matey, and you taught us to do the same. Always on the edge of change and pushing consciousness. You were truly a Captain of the Unknown, steering Us in a direction less traveled. Many times I don’t know how we got here, but I know it’s because of You and Myrtle. We miss you each day brother, I still can’t believe you’re in the Cosmos.

I feel you each day, every time their is progress in our journey I know it’s you. I know you are fighting battles for Us that we don’t know about. You are still steering this Ship from the Cosmos. I hear you and feel your energy each day and with each Dab.

Thank you for your Love and friendship. Thank you for being a Father figure to many of Us. Thank for not judging us and accepting us as part of your Jazzfarm family.

Thank you for Standing in front of Us and taking that fateful shot. You are missed and loved.


From Ras Warren



It’s time we unleash this Plant. Not Hemp. Not Medicine. DAGGA – all of it!

– Julian Stobbs


Light one up for Jules.



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Thank you to our FGA Affiliates who help to make our ongoing content creation possible!


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  1. Noesjka July 6, 2023 at 11:11 pm - Reply

    Always in memory you jovial soul. We all watch your queen steer forward.
    Respect to you both and deep admiration and love.

    Myrtle sister…… My heart is with you. Xx

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