It is now four months since we first drove into the Val Bonne Country Estate in Modderfontein, on the outskirts of Johannesburg. It takes months of planning, logistics and hoops to jump through to host an event like D.Day.
The event rules in Johannesburg have tightened due to accidents and even a couple of deaths at events since D.Day 2018. This year, there is just more of everything for the organisers to cope with, but our team on the ground secured the blessing of the SAPS, the Metro and all emergency services today. We are very proud of our D.Day staff for pulling off yet another, very tense at times, Joint Operations Committee (JOC) event.
We have a lot to thank them for. The pressure has been real. We would also like to thank the JOC for trusting us once again to host such a unique and unusual cultural event.
After all, we really have an exemplary record of safety over the last six years.

This year will be no different.

The bottom line is, the use of cannabis products at the venue has been sanctioned by all the relevant authorities, and crucially, the Sebenza cluster police. This means that you are lawfully allowed to carry small amounts of weed into the event with NO FEAR of any reprisals.
How much weed do you need for 12 hours? Well, that’s up to you, so be sensible about it and remember you wont be too far from some great giveaways and prizes on the inside.

You will definitely see a number uniformed police at the beginning of the day. They may at times even be walking around event. You have nothing to fear. They have to be there by law when a gathering of over 2500 people is expected.

You may have your car searched. The security will be looking for weapons and glass (including all glass bongs), but not your Ganja.

If you intend using Dagga in your car, in the queue, or smoke weed openly in the car park area outside the venue fence, then you will be technically breaking the law and you can expect the cops to react.

We are expecting all of you to be the best of the best ambassadors for the Cannabis plant on the day. We’ve gone through a huge amount of stress and adrenalin to make this a legit, safe, peaceful and private cultural event. We need your assistance to keep it that way.

For those of you who braved the line of menacing looking cops and their dogs last year – that was last year. The gamble we took in having the D.Day 2018 event in the Honeydew jurisdiction was tough to pull off on the day. Honeydew was and is notorious, but thankfully for us, and all of you, the Sebenza police understand our rights (and theirs) since the ConCourt judgement, and we have their word we all have complete immunity for the twelve hours of the Cannival.

Bring your camping chairs but NO gazebos – there is plenty of shade. No cooler boxes or picnics allowed – support our vendors and bars please. After all – this is a Fields Of Green For ALL fundraising event. There will be no pass outs, so bring all the stuff you need the first time.
You will find signage from Marlboro off ramp on the N1.

DO NOT use the ‘Valbonne’ co-ordinates on Google Maps. You’ll get lost.
The public entrance is here:, or here:

Above all, enjoy yourselves and thank you for supporting us once again. Without you guys, it’s all over……