At last we have a politician on our side – a voice on the inside. The media has been full of the story of Dr Mario Oriani Ambrosini as he came out of the “closet” about his use of Cannabis to treat his lung cancer. He has gone from dying of cancer to living with cancer.


Watch: Dr Ambrosini talking to The Dagga Couple before the Fields of Green for ALL launch event in Johannesburg last month.

We announced Fields of Green for ALL’s collaboration with Dr Ambrosini at our launch function in February and look forward to working with him as he and his associates set up The Cancer Treatment Campaign to be an affiliate of our organisation.


The Medical Innovation Bill
Send your comments on the MIB to the government


Now you have to ask yourself, what is the good doctor taking? Cannabis concentrates.

To bring you up to speed and hopefully spark your interest to know more, Simon Loxton, one of our directors and an expert on concentrates, has put together a summary for us. Download the 937kb pdf here.We have our work cut out to integrate the events of the past month into our plan. It is our Human Right to use this plant whether we are sick or not. Be it curative or preventative, these
fields of green are for ALL South Africans!