Is it Legal to Grow Dagga in South Africa?

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Cannabis Can Help South Africa

Yes it is, but only on paper (in the privacy judgment it is written that you can grow in a private space, with no quantity mentioned). HOWEVER: Our all-hat-and-wrong-action minister of police Bheki Cele seems to make a joke of judge Zondo and the bench of 11 judges by deliberately making statements, taking actions and setting bad examples that blaspheme against their judgements. He shows no sympathy for the general public or the Cannabis community. It’s almost as if for Mr Cele the privacy judgement is something to make a mockery of. Following the ruling he obligingly instructed his force to stop the arrests, but then he seemed to have changed his mind when they ignored him, and the arrests continued, conveniently.

He revealed his ignorance regarding Dagga 101 by publicly touting the so called prohibitionist Gateway Theory: an old smelly piece of junk science that has already been laid to rest by anybody with google in their pocket. The pretzel logic of the Gateway Theory is discussed in this explanation by NORML: according to a study published in the Journal of Experimental Criminology: “Factors other than marijuana use such as genetic predisposition, peer associations, or access to the illicit drug market could be the primary causes of hard drug use instead of marijuana use itself. As such, any public policy that prohibits the use of marijuana in an attempt to curb hard drug use is unlikely to succeed.”

Sadly our Minister of Police echoes the misinformation of his prohibitionist-era youth as if he has not been updated since the 70s. Mr Cele, you can solve your concern about the judgement by simply halting all arrests! The arrests are unnecessary in all instances that don’t involve other crimes. There is no reason ever to arrest anybody for Dagga anywhere!

Mr Cele, you are wrong about Dagga. Please realise that you can make South Africa a better place for ALL it’s people by asking your team in blue to stop the arrests. Just read our Manifesto to see how and why. You owe this justice to your God and your country.

The list of human rights violations by the SAPS during the daily unconstitutional Dagga arrests goes on:

  • They invade homes, vehicles and pockets without warrants (because most citizens don’t know that they cannot, average folks don’t know their rights and the SAPS LOVE abusing this).

  • They don’t read citizens their rights.

  • They don’t give them phone calls.

  • They keep them for more than 48 hours (where they should not put you in a cell for Dagga AT ALL). They simply love arresting folks on a Thursday night so they can keep you for the weekend.

  • They steal cellphones, money, and other belongings as well as Dagga which they pretend gets destroyed or sent for ‘forensics’.  We have never had ONE CASE in our hundreds of reports at #StopTheCops where Dagga was returned after being sent to be tested. Dagga forensics is a MYTH my friends! They smoke or sell your dagga and make up a lie. Why send Dagga to forensics anyway?

  • They physically abuse people including women, children and pets. They kick them around till they bleed, tear their clothes, break things and generally project their pent up anger in unimaginably rude ways to shock and scare people into doing what they want them to do, often with inhumane treatment and total disregard for their mental health.

  • They still weigh evidence as if quantity is a measuring stick. There are NO QUANTITIES or plant counting in SA Cannabis law and that is how it should stay! There is no scientific evidence anywhere to support a silly plant counting system.

  • They make up plant counting quantities to fool the unsuspecting public that are exercising their new found ‘freedom’ to grow in private spaces. They reinvent the law to suit every arrest scenario, as long as you are over their thumb sucked limit. The truth is there should be NO RESTRICTIONS. There is no harm in growing large quantities of Cannabis, only a threat to those that also want to sell it, especially if it is for export by the government and their licensed ‘chosen growers’ fiasco system it seems. Then the perceived dangerous drugs are out the country and they made their buck. The rest of us are thrown in cages.

  • Local police are often part of corrupt government ‘clusters’ where they conspire with prosecutors, magistrates and state lawyers to canvass people for unlawful arrests and rehabs.

  • The most alarming recent development is that even though almost all cases don’t appear in court, or get stuck off the roll, more and more cases don’t actually have an actual arrest or paperwork or court appearances getting processed. By harassing people and causing an arrest scene while they look for personal gain, they seem to be hiding their corruption and ill intent from the courts by executing and not processing unlawful arrests! 

  • Sadly these violations are the norm, not an exception. Ten months after the murder of Jules Stobbs, the Diepsloot police have not even reported any further investigation on the case. Where does this leave us???

Cannabis Can Help South Africa

This behaviour of the police sends mixed signals to a public already struggling to make sense of the governments lack of guidance and understanding when it comes to evidence based drug policy in general. It’s not just Cannabis, it’s people dying because dogmatic regional health officials are superstitious of World Health Organisation approved needle exchange programs. Yes, ignorance can be murder. It’s a circus of untrained industry everywhere you turn. From half baked airline and courier policies to startups powered by tried and failed loopholes. Free joint with your coffee?

The Cannabis community is exhausted by this confusion. South Africa needs to #StopTheCops with an evidence and human rights based master plan and the right one yesterday already. We hope that Fields of Green for ALL will very soon be heard and our Manifesto be accepted as best guidance document for Bheki Cele, Ronald Lamola and ALL our government departments and people in dire need of education and regulation.

I know Cannabis prohibition suits you Mr Cele. It enables your brothers and sisters in blue and the Hawks of prey to avoid keeping the country safe by using Dagga selfishly to make their quotas, feed the junk media outlets, and fund their Cola and KFC. It’s always been this way, so why should a little judgement change anything?

Yes you can grow Dagga in SA, but will definitely need safe Cannabis plant medicine to ease the pain from the wounds caused as your human rights are burnt away by our hopelessly failing police and government.

Please make a difference today by downloading our Manifesto and kindly hand it in at your local SAPS.

In the video below neuroscientist Dr Carl Hart (who has recently become a professor in psychology) explains why the Cannabis Gateway Theory is like thinking umbrellas cause rain.

Thank you to our FGA Affiliates who help to make our ongoing content creation possible!

Thank you to our FGA Affiliates who help to make our ongoing content creation possible!


About the Author: Charl Henning

I have worked at Fields of Green For All and Stop The Cops since 2014. Apart from day to day admin I also man our helpline and support victims of arrest.

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  1. andile dlamini July 3, 2021 at 9:42 pm - Reply

    I wish i can get help from this since i just bought a greenhouse for my plants here in Durban

  2. Mathabatha Magane June 15, 2021 at 7:25 am - Reply

    Great work I love it

  3. Richard June 6, 2021 at 11:24 am - Reply

    Great article well done

  4. Pieter May 13, 2021 at 5:56 pm - Reply

    The archaic laws pertaining to dagga and other drugs must be abandoned in the hope to use this green plant as medicine from kids to seniors. The cultivation of Hemp is also stagnant due to the restrictions on the cultivation of Hemp and dagga. Hemp farms will drive down the price of hemp based products, creating a sustainable hemp-based economy. People need cannabis now to deal with the pain associated with cancer patients, MS sufferers and Intractable epilepsy sufferers, most of whom are infants and children, (Charlotte Figgy-Colorado USA). A strain of hemp plant was named in honor of the little girl who changed the view on Hemp based medicines. Cops and government have no say in what we do in our homes, as long as it is within the law and as long as others do not get hurt in the process. What is better, drinking yourself into a stupor or smoke a joint ouside on your stoep, letting go of the day’s or week’s stress at work?.

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