Cannabis Can Help South Africa

By the time we enter the courtroom on Monday, 23 November 2020, it will have been 2 years and 10 months since seven people were unlawfully raided and arrested on the 24th of January 2018, after a lengthy and dodgy set-up by undercover Hawks.

For 1 035 days these five fathers have sat in jail, surrounded by incredibly violent criminals and gangsters with NO BAIL option given. Charges of dealing, possession and cultivation of Cannabis were dropped by the Director of Public Prosecution on 7 March 2018, but the Hawks got wind of this and were incredibly upset. They made such a noise that the Order was rescinded and they were rearrested as soon as they were released.

The police were also cruel enough to confiscate their family pets and dump them at the SPCA during the initial raid.

Here is the story from Jenny, Zsolt’s cousin:

On the 24th of January 2018 the Hawks arrested 7 people in Portshepstone in what they dubbed a multimillion Rand drug bust! This is was so far away from the truth that it brought hysteria to the arrested men and their families.

The arrest steamed from a sting operation that was conducted on Zsolt. He was a approached by an undercover agent who spun a tale of being a chronic patient that relied heavily on Cannabis to manage his chronic back pains.

Zsolt having been involved in a near fatal accident in his 20s that left him with  pains in both his legs, relied on Cannabis and sympathized with his newfound friend. After forming a friendship and gaining his trust, Zsolt met up with the agent and gave him a few grams of weed. The agent immediately took out his wallet and insisted on paying for it, which Zsolt refused and being adamant that it was  free.

A couple of days later the agent called Zsolt and said he was scheduled for a back operation and was not going to cope without Cannabis. He begged Zsolt to assist him and Zsolt did – this was what they now call the “first purchase”.

Over a period of a year the undercover agent convinced Zsolt to meet up with him 5 times and bought a total of just under 1 kilogram of Cannabis from Zsolt. During this period the Hawks watched and followed Zsolt everywhere and finally, on the 24th of January 2018, they arrested him and raided the houses of all his acquaintances.

In house number 1 they found Charly, David and Jenny with 400 plants. Charly and David had only been in the country for less than two months.

At house number 2, Sandor  was arrested with 700 plants.

At house number 3, Ryan was arrested with seedlings.

And at house number 4 Szablocs was arrested.

Only Zsolt  has been charged with dealing – all the rest are charged with cultivating only.

The boys were all denied bail and were deemed a flight risk, even though their passports were with the Hawks and they have wives and children living in South Africa.

It has been nearly 3 years that the case has been dragging without trial.

The boys sit in jail and watch everyday as hardened murderers and rapists around them are granted bail.

They are missing out on raising their children, all because the Hawks are treating this case like a mass murder case .

The trial is finally starting on the 23 November 2020 and we asking for all the support we can get from the Cannabis community. Please come and support us and help get our men out!

We are so thankful to Fields of Green for ALL for the support that they have given us in the 3 years we have been fighting this battle.

Christine  And Jenny

KZN folk, please heed this call to action. We need the support of the Cannabis Community. The case is being heard again on Monday 23 November, at the Ramsgate Courts. We would love to have the presence of those who can join us in making a beautiful noise outside. We won’t be allowed inside due to Covid regulations.

Bring a drum.

Bring a guitar.

Bring a big sign.

Courts start at 9am. Join some of the Fields of Green for ALL crew in showing support for members of our community.

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