Medical Cannabis Plaintiff added to The DC’s Case

By |Published On: November 23rd, 2015|

On Friday 20 November the Pretoria High Court granted permission for Clifford Thorp to join the DC case.
After lengthy discussions with our legal team at Schindlers, we decided to go ahead with the application as it became clear that we would need solid grounds upon which to claim the medical benefits of Cannabis in South Africa.
We are both fit and well and there was always going to be the outside chance that the judge will hold this against us – “Why are you claiming your right to use this plant as medicine if you are not sick?”… or something to that effect.

As everybody who is familiar with our campaign knows, we are adamant that our first priority is Responsible Adult Use. However, it is essential to make sure that all of our evidence is watertight.

Clifford was arrested at his home in Boksburg on Johannesburg’s East Rand in January 2015. He suffers from osteoporosis of the lower spine, diverticulosis of the colon, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and melanoma. After a long battle with the side effects of pharmaceutical medication he found that Cannabis, in various forms, provided the best relief.

When he was arrested, the police and the media made a very big deal about the fact that he had an immaculate garden and also kept pet tortoises. The tortoises, which had been Cliff’s pets since childhood – one was 48 years old – were confiscated.
Like any Cannabis user in South Africa who has had their home invaded by the police, Clifford and his wife have been through a very tough time.

They were severely ostracised by their local community and have sold their house and moved away from an area where they have been living for many years.
You can read about the bust (in Afrikaans) here:

The fact that Clifford is joining our case makes no difference to our evidence or our expert witnesses and he fully supports the legalisation of Cannabis for ALL South Africans for ALL uses.
He is not bringing any extra evidence to the trial other than his experience of being arrested and the medical conditions that he treats successfully with Cannabis.

The Dagga Couple continue to fight their case on ALL FOUR PLATFORMS, with Responsible Adult Use being the main area of argument.

We thank Clifford and his wife for their contribution.

Jules and Myrtle

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Thank you to our FGA Affiliates who help to make our ongoing content creation possible!


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  1. Toni Christie January 12, 2016 at 1:05 pm - Reply

    I was arrested in December for cannabis possession and tried and sentenced without legal representation. Supposedly it was so little, it didn’t warrant Legal Aids’ attention. I am seeking legal redress but of course I can’t afford it so am looking for pro bono legal assistance. If any one can assist please get in touchm

  2. Eve Nissiotis January 9, 2016 at 7:08 am - Reply

    Please Share

    Hello…my name is Eve Nissiotis…i am a therapist…writing to you from Swaziland. At this point i am not even sure if anyone here can help.

    I have a friend and her mother in KZN…who recently introduced me to her cousin…and relayed to me her story…which i was horrified at when i heard.

    This girl (the her 20’s)…comes from Pretoria…and has 2 kids…an 8 year old daughter and a baby thats less than 1 year…

    The girl has a condition called Lupus…her face is covered in huge areas of pink and recovering wounds (and scalp and maybe elsewhere)…

    She has been smoking cannabis to ‘cope’ with her condition…its quite a long story but eventually kids nanny turned her in..she was drug tested and she was found positive to cannabis…(she now has to take pain killers from pharmacy).

    Both her children were taken from her (the baby was 5months at time…and its been 3months if i am not mistaken…) and given over to care of same nanny who turned her in.
    She has not been allowed to see either of them…and she is not even allowed a picture…

    Every court case Legal Aid doesnt show up (she can’t afford a paid for lawyer…) and she is drug tested again.

    She has never been allowed to speak…or tell her side of story…they have looked at her face (and perhaps her history cause some people are exposed to terrible things…and have strength to draw away from those influences only when they grow or have children and so have Reason….Purpose….Motivation)…and have judged her already.

    Next court hearing is 20th January in Springs (near JHB) at 10am…where they will probably drug test her again and postpone again or worse give custody to baby boys father (who is either on or recovering from crystal meth -tic consumption)…

    Her story is more than i can say here…i am sure she has been through a lot and made some inappropriate mistakes…

    But she wants to be with her children…and the baby is growing and bonding with someone else…and there seems to be a possibility the 8 year old was put in another foster home.

    It seems her rights as a mother and a South African Citizen have been completely violated (not to mention their mentality of use of cannabis for medicinal purposes) and no one will help her…i even suggested she apply for disability Grant and Child Grants in case its for financial reasons they have done this to her. And surely they should have suggested that themselves (social wefare) and wanted to help and solve their problem if there even was one.

    I hope someone can help in some way…or point me towards someone who can. She does not have funds to pay for anything…she needs an angel right now.

    Our Justice System is there to help our society progress and develop in a way for all to have Fair treatment…taking everything into consideration. For some to use power over others or to hurt others breeds ill to us all even if we do not feel or grasp the repercussions ‘consciously’ in.the Present…

    She is just One Person…seems crazy if i can’t find just One Person in the right ‘position’ to assist her and perhaps heal much more that could be occurring/playing out at various welfares and courts in South Africa.

    Thanks for any Time you may use on this …Blessings…

    Warm regards
    Eve Nissiotis

  3. Audrey January 6, 2016 at 2:17 pm - Reply

    3 members in my family have been diagnosed with cancer and 1 also has multiple sclerosis. I do believe that the cannabis oil will be beneficial for them. Where and how can I obtain the product in Pretoria.

  4. Eddie Joubert December 25, 2015 at 1:53 pm - Reply

    Thankyou so very much for fighting this noble cause. My wife was diagnosed with various diseases, including ceelan disease, IPH, CLPD, Emphyzema, Osteo-artheritis,
    etc. etc.She was treated with pregnazone (causing hanous side-effects) as well as a list of pharmaceutical poisons with other petrifying side effects. She was given a prognosis of hardly two years. She started using cannibis as alternative medication and shelved all the “wonderful” miracle drugs offered by the medical monopolized industty. We now run in excess of ten km a day, train power execizes for more than an hour a day and have a wonderful sex life. We recently moved to P E and now we are treated like Pablo Escobar if we try and by an innocent jiffy. WTF???

  5. Diane November 24, 2015 at 9:54 am - Reply

    This is so sad to read. I have suffered with Bipolar depression and major anxiety for the last 10 years. Been hospitalized 3 times. Tried almost every psychiatric drug possible. Ended up with liver and kidney damage and am now off all my meds due to these potentially fatal side effects. Am now trying Cannabis, and from the testimonies of people In similar situations to myself, I have hope again. I am also a Christian, and so,while this avenue is new for me, I feel peace in my decision. Regards

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