As part of our #StopTheCops campaign, Fields of Green for ALL will be releasing details about unconstitutional arrests that are reported to our JoinTheQueue Dagga Arrest Helpline.

Please report arrests to us here. The more statements we gather the better chance we have of putting an end to the police involvement with the Cannabis plant, forever. You may ask that we do not reveal your identity if you contact us.

1. Police Stations involved: Sinoville , Villieria, Pretoria

2. Charge: Possession of 6.55 grams of dagga

3. Events as told by the victim: On Saturday afternoon I entered a parking lot to drop off my kids at Baby City. As I reversed out I waited for the police vehicle and it passed me. As I drove off they turned around and they pulled me over in the parking lot. They grabbed me out of the car and frisked me on the bonnet of my car in the parking lot in front of all the people while the other police officer started searching my car. They had no warrant and never once did they read me my rights, offer a phone call or explain their behaviour. He found a packet of dagga in the car concealed away package still sealed where they put me in the van and the other police officer drove my car. He asked me to climb out, once I did he took me and put me on the bonnet and started frisking me. The officer searching me took my wallet and gave to the other police officer who searched my wallet behind my back whilst the 3rd officer was searching my car. They found 6.55grams of dagga, packet still sealed, concealed away in a compartment under the steering wheel. When they found it they started joking about it and says we found what we were looking for. They put me in the police vehicle while one of the other officers drove my car to the station. From the police station we went to the nearest hospital to weigh the dagga. The one police officer said I shouldn’t worry as I will get bail.

They refused me bail because 5 years ago I was pulled over and found 3 grams of dagga on me. I apparently signed a admission of guilt which I am not even aware about. I asked to see that docket as well and I was refused. We went back to Sinoville police station the police station and they filled in a docket. The officers that arrested me didn’t sign my rights paper another officer on the different shift did. Up till now I have been refused to see my own docket where I never even signed anything and they didn’t take my finger prints. They moved me to Villieria police station without any documentation. The following day during my visiting hour they came and took me and took my finger prints and asked why I’m in. They opened another docket at Villieria police station. Villieria police station refused to give my wife any info as they said they can’t it’s not their case. They refused my wife to bring me food, anything to drink or cigarettes but all the other cell mates were eating kfc, smoking and injection nyaope into their feet. There was even another guy that smoked dagga in the cell but I’m locked up for 6.55 grams? The police walk into the cells, all the needles and everything is laying everywhere they don’t even confiscate it. When I tell them the people are doing this they say I’m lying. There’s no supervision ever. I don’t get any food or water. I will call them and they will ignore me but when the fellow inmates call they get attended to immediately and gets water. I have not eaten since I have been in here. I have told the police the other cell mater are injecting drugs into their feet in the cells and no one cares or does anything. People yell for help and no one ever comes. What if someone died in there? Several police officers told me I’m not supposed to be there. I was supposed to appear in PTA North court today 18/06.

4. Outcome: I never appeared in court. They ended up letting me out at the back of the court where they call it the white door. All the other people that was sitting and waiting with me were all talking and hoping they will go out at the white door.

A separate case comes from Knysna where local police have been harassing the local Rastafarian community on an ongoing basis for many years. This report came from a local resident:

“He was minding his own business in shop when Titus grabbed him by the throat. There was a scuffle. So has been charged with resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer as well as dealing because he had some ganja and money. He is on parole so will be sent back to jail. Sista says he was very careful because of that but Titus has been after him constantly. Same guy that raided us. He pulled out our plants..loves doing that… brothers went to the court Thursday and reasoned with the police. Ended up dropping dealing and resisting arrest charge and said can get ganja and money back Monday. They arrested another brother who works at a stall same time evening in town last night. Let him go but took the ganja. They told some of us last week they have no work any more since the ganja laws changed That’d be right as they only chase the ganja people.”