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CBD. The silver bullet. The panacea. CBD, the safe, non toxic cannabinoid that doesn’t alter anyone’s consciousness and is therefore morally safe to give to children.
CBD, the cannabinoid at the centre of the UK government’s scramble to save face after an epileptic child made it to the front page of the Daily Mail. CBD, the predominant component in Epidiolex, the new, FDA sanctioned medicine manufactured by UK drug dealing monopoly GW Pharmaceuticals.

CBD, the cannabinoid that is easy to grow, harvest, and process into a cheap effective medicinal home remedy, is now available on prescription to a tiny percentage of the UK population for an estimated +/- GBP3000 per monthly protocol and some staggeringly bureaucratic hoops to jump through.

CBD, the cannabis based extract that is illegal for anyone to possess without a prescription, and can only be prescribed if it can be ascertained that every other form of medication for the existing condition is proved to be ineffective.

You could argue that the fact that the UK government, capitulating in 6 weeks and rewriting a special dispensation into the law that’s been hounding cannabis users for 70 years, (and will continue to do so unless you’re an infant, toddler or pre-teen with a rare form of epilepsy), have missed a golden opportunity to free this remarkably safe product for all it’s citizens.

The UK’s Chief Medical Officer has suggested a reclassification of the plant, and even the UK’s top cops are waving the white flag. A schedule change would ensure more badly needed research could be done on human subjects, more companies could manufacture the product ensuring a price decrease, and all of a sudden, the UK’s citizens could be leading Europe in cheap, effective cannabis medicine (and research).

They didn’t, and that can only be to protect GW Pharma’s monopoly as the largest exporter of medical weed in the world, and of course a UK parliamentarians spouse on the board of directors.
Imagine that state of affairs. The UK’s drug ministers hubby has a vested interest in a company that exports more medical weed than any other country in the world.
You couldn’t make this stuff up……oh yes, and Theresa May’s husband works for a company with a 19% stake in the same drug dealers.

Move along now, there’s nothing to see here….

So, as it stands, ‘raw’ cannabis has no medical value and will get you a criminal record, and GW’s whole plant extracts with 51% super skunk concentrate THC are cool by the pool and won’t get you arrested – as long as you have a prescription and GW’s bar code appears on the label.

Hypocrisy? Goddam it, yes….

So, there you have it. The UK public are in favour of change, the UK’s top doctor wants a schedule change, two police commissioners have publicly admitted being unable to arrest themselves out of the cannabis problem, and even the World Health Organisation has confirmed cannabis’ non toxicity and relative safety as a social intoxicant.

Shame, right now the UK citizenry have Theresa May, with her pre-programmed convent school upbringing, continuing to bury her moralistic head in the sand, still unable to tell the difference between a skunk or a Sativex.  May at the helm of a government in denial, doing a really good job at ensuring the UK continues to lag behind Europe and the Americas in cannabis reform and medical research.

As cannabis activists, we suppose we should be grateful to the UK government for recognising cannabis as medicine and we note Home Secretary Sajid Javid has sanctioned yet another committee to try and figure out what a ‘cannabis derived medicine product‘ should be defined as, without (god forbid) hinting at full blown legalisation.

That of course would would be tantamount to societal collapse, as the government would be sending it’s citizens a message that cannabis was an acceptable social intoxicant and safe relaxant.

We’ll just have to be grateful for the latest meagre handout on the road to legalisation from yet another prohibitionist, out of touch ruling party……

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Thank you to our FGA Affiliates who help to make our ongoing content creation possible!


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  1. Gerd July 29, 2018 at 5:10 pm - Reply

    Don’t know if this ‘one small step is one even smaller step for mankind ,as most professionals in this field say you cant spell health without THC

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