What is #StopTheCops?

By |Published On: October 19th, 2023|

Jules Stobbs and Myrtle Clarke were arrested by incredible police force in the dark, early morning hours back in 2010. Instead of submitting to the unlawful actions of the arresting officers, The Dagga Couple decided to take on the police and various state departments involved in the criminalisation of Cannabis. Having faced the horrors of holding cells, Jules and Myrtle decided to extend their mission to the wider Cannabis Community of South Africa.

Our 24/7 Arrest Victim Support Helpline #StopTheCops has never had a day’s rest since its inception in 2013. Starting originally as #JoinTheQueue, our helpline and tireless volunteers have helped countless Dagga Arrest Victims over the years – learning, adapting, and networking with legal minds to best support anyone facing down our Thugs in Blue.

Charl Henning joined our team in 2014, quickly taking over the role of Victim Support Manager from Joanne Parry, our long-standing Audio Visual Manager. Charl is the calm, collected voice carrying our victims through the trauma of having their homes raided, privacy violated, and personal property “confiscated”.

This decade of 24/7 victim support has also exposed Charl and our team to the harsher, more abhorrent realities of what ordinary decent criminals – only named such for their relationship with the Plant – go through when they are thrown in cages for practising their Constitutional Right to  cultivate, possess, and use Cannabis in private. From police brutality to sexual assault in cells, from merciless destruction of private property to murder – we have heard and seen it ALL.

Charl is often the first respondent to Dagga Arrest Victims, and the best at doing what he can to get people the help they so desperately need!

Over the years, we have helped numerous Dagga Arrest Victims obtain Stays of Prosecution – a fancy term for putting cases on ice. This is the best possible outcome presently as we still do not have laws that protect and support Cannabis participants.

While we do not dispense legal advice, we do put you in touch with the best legal minds in Cannabis to help you through the process of getting your Stay of Prosecution. We have accumulated swathes of experience and grown a truly formidable team of legal experts that can assist Dagga Arrest Victims around the country. Many of the incredible people we have helped over the years have become our staunchest supporters.

Unfortunately, we can only help those who know about us. We know that we get only a small percentage of arrests dialling us up when the need arises. Save our 24/7 Victim Support Helpline to your phone now:

063 174 0938

Although  we have had some positive changes over the years in terms of Cannabis Policy Reforms, many police remain wilfully ignorant of their mandate under the 2018 Constitutional Court Ruling and  the 2023 Police Directive for Cannabis-related Matters.

It is therefore imperative that you #KnowYourRights so that you can #StopTheCops should any (or many) Thugs in Blue come knocking.

Thank you to our FGA Affiliates who help to make our ongoing content creation possible!

Thank you to our FGA Affiliates who help to make our ongoing content creation possible!


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