Our last Manifesto Monday release was Section 5: Full-Spectrum Model for Cannabis Regulation, which is our evidence-based framework that has taken a more rounded and contextually relevant approach to how the Cannabis industry can be truly unlocked for ALL South Africans.

This is the most important section in our Manifesto and the model starts off by classifying the Cannabis industry via The 4 Pillars: Constitutional Rights Pillar, Adult Use Pillar, Medical Pillar and Industrial Pillar. Using the Pillars we then mapped out the Cannabis supply chain regulatory model, which includes the Kasinomic and rural farmers. It is paramount that unless the dealer at the taxi rank selling a matchbox of Dagga is included in upcoming regulations, then we will keep fighting for fair and inclusive regulations for ALL.

The next and final section being released today is called Way Forward, in which we conclude our Manifesto with what we believe the future holds, as well as noting the fact that through all the developments since the 2018 Constitutional Court ruling, the government has still not withdrawn its case regarding the Trial of the Plant.

We would look forward to launching our compiled Manifesto (Sections 1-6) in the coming weeks and would like to thank everyone who has been part of this Manifesto journey that was started in 2014, when Myrtle Clarke typed the first sentence of what is now the only Cannabis policy document of its kind in Africa.

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