(Courtesy of the Dagga Party Facebook page)

In a monumental last minute national effort of raffles, prizes and incentives, The Dagga Party of South Africa beat the deadline to raise the R200,000 deposit to the Independent Election Committee (IEC) to have their logo on the national ballot for this May’s General Elections. In a rare display of cohesion and “One Love’, the South African Cannabis Community donated small amounts en masse in a 72 hour show of solidarity for Jeremy Acton and the work he has done for all of us in the courts of South Africa.

There are still goals to be achieved and funds to raise. The next step is R45k to contest the Western Cape, so please keep those donations coming. The mathematics are done. It is entirely possible that The Dagga Party could get a seat in the next parliament. Jeremy needs the assistance of skilled and passionate young people with a vision, so visit the Dagga Party online and see if you can help out.

It’s a really green alternative to the red gold and blue…….

Here’s Lester Kiewit writing for the Mail and Guardian