Tokeativity South Africa – Women Determined to Build a Budding Future

By |Published On: March 16th, 2020|

On a Sunday in the eventful month of March 2020, some local Gauteng women met up at a private location to celebrate only two things: Womanhood and Cannabis. The Flower Power Brunch is Tokeativity South Africa’s second official meeting since its inception and the word has definitely spread, as the growing list of attendees showed.

The club follows the potluck formula and the ladies really showed off with all their yummy treats. It all started off healthy with fruits like grapes, olives, dragonfruit and watermelon; some cheeses; biscuits and flapjacks; and then somehow there were chocolate cakes and fudge and swiss rolls. The ladies claimed innocent and had no idea what had happened. The crafty Cannabis that was rolled into joints (yes, girls can do that!) made sure that the women had enough to keep the conversation going along with their appetites!

tokeativity ladies lunch Jhb
tokeativity ladies lunch Jhb Girl Power

The meeting wasn’t only about food and getting high, though. It has become very apparent that women with an interest in cannabis need a safe place to meet up and network. It’s incredible that even in the year 2020 women in Cannabis are still being treated as uninformed and unable to excel in this seemingly male-dominant industry. This meeting by the Tokeativity South Africa branch gave these women a platform to get together, expose each other to their skillsets, talk about the future and most of all — help each other out. It’s not about feminism and it’s not about politics. It’s simply about finding out where we all fit into the greater scheme of this plant that we all love.

So, how does the future look for women in Cannabis? Should we be judged for using the herb, because we’re mothers? Are we unable to adequately lead people because we’re women who love Cannabis? Why are people surprised when a woman grows high grade indoor? Here’s what we realised: The future is gonna look the way WE — the women in Cannabis — allow it to. And we’ll be damned if there’s no space for us!

So we call on all women in Cannabis to join Tokeativity South Africa. Let’s work together to support each other. You can also find us on Instagram @tokeativitysouthafrica.

Let’s smoke together to encourage each other.

And let’s stand together to build our own place in the sun.

Guest blog by Marleen Theunissen

Thank you to our FGA Affiliates who help to make our ongoing content creation possible!

Thank you to our FGA Affiliates who help to make our ongoing content creation possible!


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