Africa Policy Week 2023 – Part Two – Womxn in Harm Reduction

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Fresh out of August - a month in which we recognise our womxn warriors who fought the oppressive doctrine of the white minority government of Apartheid South Africa - we spring into September reflecting on the Womxn in Harm Reduction.   WHOA MXN, DO YOU SEE OUR WOMXN? Over Africa Policy Week 2023, womxn led

Africa Policy Week 2023 – Part One – A Quick-ish Overview

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Africa Policy Week 2023 kicked off on a fine Monday evening with introductory presentations and a sobering keynote address by former president Kgalema Motlathe. Shaun Shelly, a true giant in Drug Policy reform and founder of SA Drug Policy Week, chaired the Opening Plenary. Shaun reflected on how, since its inception in 2016, Drug Policy

Our FULL Presentation to the Portfolio Committee on the Bill

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Few things are as frustrating as needing to repeat oneself on matters that could be easily resolved, should the necessary attention be paid. It would also help if we are heard in full and not sidelined for the misinformed ramblings of prohibitionists! Yet, here we are. Below is our full presentation to the Portfolio

Invitation to Online United Nations Side Event: Cannabis Law Reform at CND66

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CANNABIS LAW REFORM leading the way towards more effective drug control and the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals As Cannabis activists we have discovered that the Cannabis conversation cuts through every line we have drawn in drug policy and is no longer simply about “to legalise or not to legalise”. Cannabis prohibition and

GoFundMe Campaign Launch and International Update 2023

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Together with members of our international team, Fields of Green for ALL is raising funds for Myrtle, our international allies, and Paul-Michael Keichel, the head of our legal team, to travel to Vienna for the 66th session of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs in March 2023. The GoFundMe Campaign is now open for your

The 2030 Agenda and SDGs

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It sounds a bit ominous. A little tin hatty even. But this isn’t some big underhanded conspiracy, this is the good kind of agenda. The kind that recognises that there’s a LOT wrong with the world we’re living in (communities) and on (the planet). The kind that has gathered folk from around the globe

Invite to Online Side Event: 65th Commission on Narcotic Drugs, United Nations International Centre, Vienna

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Cause and Effect – Making the Case for Evidence-Based Drug Policy Side Event: 65th Commission on Narcotic Drugs, United Nations International Centre, Vienna Wednesday 16 March 08h00 to 08h50 via Zoom Presented by Fields of Green for ALL, Non-Profit Company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Fields of Green for ALL is the only NGO

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