SONA 2022 – Cyril’s Love Letter to the Cannabis Community

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14th February. A bittersweet day for The Dagga Couple, as it marks one of the historical moments in South Africa's journey to Cannabis legalisation - today is 11 years since Myrtle Clarke and Julian Stobbs first appeared in the Krugersdorp Magistrates Court for Cannabis charges. What makes it more bitter than sweet though, is

Cannabis in South Africa in 2022 – January FGA Update

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2022 is certainly the year for double dabs, kicking off to a great start with the 200th episode of The Hotbox Show. We thank everyone for their huge show of support! In international news FGA has applied to host an online zoom side event for the upcoming Vienna Conference and are holding thumbs we receive a positive response. We've also written to the UN Special Rapporteur on Traditional Affairs and a few other agencies outside of the usual drug arena and will blog about any further progress there in the future.

On a more sombre note, double standards in the South African Cannabis industry in 2022, as per usual. Slide between the two pics below to demonstrate the disparities in our current democracy and the atrocities of certain select people's human rights, whilst others are sensationalised by the media for their bravery at flouting (and flaunting) the current laws.

The Hotboxshow Episode 200

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Four and a half years ago, on a Sunday afternoon, Jules, Dan and Buzz sat down on some couches in front of a cellphone camera in a room in a building that was supposed to be a chicken coop, to start documenting, for posterity, The Trial of the Plant.

Many road trips, fascinating guests, product reviews and dabs later we are thrilled to be celebrating our 200th episode.

Please join us in welcoming in the new year, a new season, and in raising a blunt for Jules on this pretty momentous occasion.

We'll have a jam packed episode with an interesting assortment of people to chat to including Affiliates and previous guests, both local and international.

As a thank you for....

A Skewed Perception of Privacy

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On a warm spring day in October I went to Soweto with Myrtle and my colleagues from the #Hotboxshow to interview some local Cannabis enthusiasts about their Cannabis use and cultivation in the township. Our day started at Credo Mutwa Cultural Village where we met with some enthusiastic young men who

10 Crisis Points in Our Cannabis Legislation Journey

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updated 31 January 2022 “… the illicit market – fuelling a crime-prone underbelly and networks of individuals operating outside the realm of ethical and moral behaviour.”  The South African Cannabis Masterplan, v5 (pg4), August 2021 The Cannabis Trade Association Africa (CTAA), together with Cheeba Africa, Craft Cannabis TV and Cape Town

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