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GRATK Consultations – Call For Input From Indigenous Stakeholders

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Community Consultations  Advocating for the Intellectual Property Rights of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities at the UN Treaty on Genetic Resources & Traditional Knowledge (GRATK Treaty) Fields of Green for ALL and our colleagues from the Cannabis Embassy’s Permanent Mission to Geneva invite you to attend an online consultation to learn and provide inputs

Open Letter to those in our Cannabis Community Opposing the Signing of the Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill

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The South African government has a public relations problem. Everyone knows that. Should our government have put out a press release about the process that they intend to follow with regards to Cannabis, perhaps we wouldn’t be seeing these divisions in our community, which we certainly cannot afford. However, the bosses are

Myrtle’s Op-Ed For The Mail & Guardian Special 420 Edition 2024

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OPINION Mail & Guardian, 19 APRIL 2024 ‘Sunrise’ cannabis sector still to emerge in SA By Myrtle Clarke It feels as if we have been at a critical juncture with our ‘sunrise’ South African Cannabis sector for the last two decades. Confusion reigns amid legal uncertainty; pot shops are opening on every second corner

Justice swallows Cannabis ‘alternative facts’ hook, line and sinker

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  By Guy Oliver Hawkers facing attempted murder charges for selling school kids alleged ‘dagga muffins’ and proposed laws penalising adults for a child ‘seeing’ Cannabis are adding to the bewildering array of chapters sourced from a long-running fake news’ yarn Applying criminal sanctions to “decriminalise” Cannabis is for the rational an excursion into the

Africa Policy Week 2023 – Part One – A Quick-ish Overview

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Africa Policy Week 2023 kicked off on a fine Monday evening with introductory presentations and a sobering keynote address by former president Kgalema Motlathe. Shaun Shelly, a true giant in Drug Policy reform and founder of SA Drug Policy Week, chaired the Opening Plenary. Shaun reflected on how, since its inception in 2016, Drug Policy

Our Day with Natie Ferreira at the Advanced Grow Workshop

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Etienne van Zyl (our Drug Policy Anthropologist) and Charl Henning (our Victim Support Superhero) recently attended the Advanced Grow Workshop with our proud affiliates Cheeba Africa in partnership with Tamatie. Happening one Saturday every month either at Tamatie Farm in the Cape or at The Jazzfarm near Johannesburg, this course is a powerful booster

Captain, our Captain Green

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    With big shoes to fill and bigger dreams to fulfil, Julian Stobbs left an incredible mark on those who knew him. Indeed, he influenced even those of us who never got to know him or fight beside him. Standing always besides Myrtle, Jules helped shape Cannabis history for the better in South Africa.

The Garden of Weeden

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Afrikaburn 2023 – Garden of Weeden Around 10 000 like-minded folk gathered at Tankwa Town in the Karoo for the annual Afrikaburn festival between the 24th and 30th April. This year with the theme: Space AfrikaBurn is a large community of people that get together once a year to celebrate life and art.  They

Our FULL Presentation to the Portfolio Committee on the Bill

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Few things are as frustrating as needing to repeat oneself on matters that could be easily resolved, should the necessary attention be paid. It would also help if we are heard in full and not sidelined for the misinformed ramblings of prohibitionists! Yet, here we are. Below is our full presentation to the Portfolio

Fare thee well, Schindlers, old pal

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Take a walk with us . . . Back to the very beginning . . . The year is 2013 and it is time to register South Africa’s first Cannabis Legalisation Non-Profit Company.  We are still buried deep in the prohibition of our favourite Plant, seeing up to 1,000 arrests A DAY!  The task

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