Dagga Private Clubs

Discussing DPC’s at the Cannabis Expo in Cape Town

By |2024-04-04T13:38:49+02:00April 4th, 2024|

Ami Heystek, our Youth and Diversity Director, was asked to speak at the recent Cannabis Expo in Cape Town. She spoke on Dagga Private Clubs, recapping where we are legally in South Africa, what to consider when setting up a DPC, as well as references to companies that can assist

The Haze Club Case – Postponed

By |2024-03-17T14:06:52+02:00March 15th, 2024|

Fields of Green for ALL would like to inform our Cannabis Community that The Haze Club case due to be heard in the Supreme Court of Appeal in Bloemfontein on Tuesday 19 March has been postponed to the 4th quarter of 2024, on a date to be determined by the court. We know

Cape Town Cannabis Expo 2024

By |2024-03-06T15:33:28+02:00March 6th, 2024|

We are excited to announce that Fields of Green for ALL will be participating in the upcoming Cape Town Cannabis Expo, taking place from 22-24 March 2024 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC). This event promises to be an unforgettable experience for anyone interested in the Cannabis industry, from

Dagga Private Clubs – February 2024 Update

By |2024-03-05T21:35:44+02:00March 5th, 2024|

The Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill passed by South African Parliament sparks discussions on its implications for Dagga Private Clubs. In the video below Myrtle sheds light on the challenges faced by DPCs amidst ongoing legal battles. Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis Clubs: Click Here To Learn

Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill Approved by Parliament – Myrtle Comments

By |2024-03-05T21:36:21+02:00March 4th, 2024|

In the video below, Myrtle dives deep into the implications of the Cannabis For Private Purposes Bill in South Africa, highlighting key points and dispelling misinformation. She discusses the bill's passage and implications for private cultivation and use. Myrtle emphasizes the importance of knowing your rights and staying informed amidst evolving regulations.

Dagga Private Clubs Are A Harm Reduction Tool

By |2024-01-25T12:15:18+02:00January 25th, 2024|

The research has been done. Dagga Private Clubs are a proven Harm Reduction tool. This has been evident since the first clubs appeared as safe spaces in Spain over a decade ago. The stigma surrounding Cannabis and its use is still alive and well in South Africa. The perceived harms of Cannabis

Africa Policy Week 2023 – Part One – A Quick-ish Overview

By |2023-08-29T09:08:01+02:00August 29th, 2023|

Africa Policy Week 2023 kicked off on a fine Monday evening with introductory presentations and a sobering keynote address by former president Kgalema Motlathe. Shaun Shelly, a true giant in Drug Policy reform and founder of SA Drug Policy Week, chaired the Opening Plenary. Shaun reflected on how, since its inception in 2016, Drug Policy

Our FULL Presentation to the Portfolio Committee on the Bill

By |2023-05-24T15:49:38+02:00May 24th, 2023|

Few things are as frustrating as needing to repeat oneself on matters that could be easily resolved, should the necessary attention be paid. It would also help if we are heard in full and not sidelined for the misinformed ramblings of prohibitionists! Yet, here we are. Below is our full presentation to the Portfolio

The Haze Club Case – Leave To Appeal Granted!

By |2022-11-08T09:23:40+02:00November 7th, 2022|

Judge Hayley Slingers has given The Haze Club Director Neill Liddell leave to appeal against the dismissal of his application in the Western Cape High Court to recognize the legality of private Cannabis clubs. Earlier this year Judge Slingers dismissed the case. The matter will now go to the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA).

We Have Solutions! Evidence Based Cannabis Laws for SA’s 4 Cannabis Platforms

By |2022-09-18T23:02:44+02:00September 18th, 2022|

4 years today since the 18th September 2018 Judgement that gave South African’s the right to grow and consume Cannabis in private. For the past 4 weeks, counting down to today, we have been highlighting each of South Africa’s 4 Cannabis Platforms on our social media – Responsible Adult Use, Traditional Use, Industrial Use and Health Use. We have solutions. Evidence based solutions. What are we waiting for? The fire in the Cannabis community has once again been ignited and united. We know what we want. We have the answers – we plead for the People’s Plant to be released for the prosperity, health and wealth of our nation.

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