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Exciting Opportunities: 12 Week Cannabis Industry 101 Course and Scholarship – with our Affiliates Cheeba Cannabis Academy & GIZEH.

By |2024-02-07T08:28:54+02:00February 6th, 2024|

Here at Fields of Green for ALL we have always said that education is key - on every level of the complicated Cannabis sector. We also believe very strongly in the mission and vision of Cheeba Cannabis Academy so we are excited that Cheeba & GIZEH have teamed up. Both companies are our Affiliates who support

Justice swallows Cannabis ‘alternative facts’ hook, line and sinker

By |2023-11-10T08:51:53+02:00November 10th, 2023|

  By Guy Oliver Hawkers facing attempted murder charges for selling school kids alleged ‘dagga muffins’ and proposed laws penalising adults for a child ‘seeing’ Cannabis are adding to the bewildering array of chapters sourced from a long-running fake news’ yarn Applying criminal sanctions to “decriminalise” Cannabis is for the rational an excursion into the

Labour Court of Appeal 1 November 2023 – Supporting Burny Enever

By |2023-11-22T12:08:55+02:00November 3rd, 2023|

Judgment is reserved in the case of Bernadette Enever vs Barloworld Equipment South Africa. The long-awaited hearing of Burny Enever’s case in the Labour Court of Appeal in Johannesburg was an important day. Not only for the incredible Burny, but also for Fields of Green for ALL’s Strategic Litigation project. A day in court is

They Said Muffin About Food Poisoning

By |2023-09-21T20:35:22+02:00September 21st, 2023|

We started our day on 21 September with news of roughly 90 students (Grade R-7) from Pulamadibogo Primary School in Soshanguve, Gauteng being hospitalised. The reason: becoming ill after eating R2 muffins allegedly laced with Cannabis. Reading like an unfortunate cross between a political smear campaign and bad satire, the various articles published over the

The Directive Unboxed

By |2023-09-08T20:56:34+02:00September 6th, 2023|

By now, you have most likely seen the Police Directive on Arrests by the South African Police Service for Cannabis-Related Matters circulating on your preferred social media platform. Dated 23 August 2023 and signed by some of the top brass, it did not take long finding its way into the Cannabis Community. It will

MISCOMMUNIQUETED – That thing you saw is a big fat naw!

By |2023-08-22T08:38:22+02:00August 22nd, 2023|

Last week we were alerted across social media channels about a rather odd Legal Services Communique circulating the South African Police Service in Gauteng regarding “Possession of Dagga”. While it is not verified, one of our experts did mention the poor use of language means it is likely legitimate.            

Blurry Reflections and Mirrored Reflexivity

By |2023-07-16T11:12:12+02:00July 16th, 2023|

Submitted by CannaBil More than two weeks have passed since the decided date for a directive to the SAPS from the Presidency (30 June). This was announced in the letter from the Presidency on the final day of the Cannabis Phakisa Action Lab, convened by the Presidency and the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and

Curious Cats & Spurious Rats

By |2023-06-29T12:03:21+02:00June 29th, 2023|

With change always comes a few curious cats who want to see how far they push their luck. They are generally followed close behind by a few spurious rats willing to undo good work for their own gain. This trend has affected the Cannabis Community since long before the Cannabis Phakisa, with some acting carelessly

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