South African Police Service: Stealing the Food off the Table

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What do we mean when we say the police are stealing the food off the table? We say steal because almost all Cannabis arrests are unconstitutional and therefore unlawful. The victims are almost always innocent and their dagga, money and belongings are almost never returned. Procedures should be followed according to

Making History By Understanding History

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This revised blog was originally published on 19 Nov 2015 There are some subjects we need to cover in the High Court that are best left to local experts. There isn’t much point looking for an international expert to testify about South African Cannabis

The Constitutional Right To Privacy

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In a unanimous decision, The Constitutional Court Of South Africa declared the prohibition of cannabis possession, cultivation and consumption in 'a private space' invalid. Cannabis/Dagga was decriminalised in an emotional 45 minute reading by Judge Zondo. Download the historic judgement here: ConCourt Full judgment Official version 18 September 2018

JoinTheQueue Takes On The NPA

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While South Africa waits with baited breath for an answer from our esteemed judges in green at the Constitutional Court, the police have not let up in their quest to lock up every stoner they can find. In response to the overwhelming pleas for help from people who are being arrested, our JoinTheQ advocate, Adv James

Study on Relative Harms of Cannabis v Alcohol Regulation

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This multi criteria decision analysis study specifically concerned with cannabis and alcohol regulation models is an important body of work. Analysis of the relative harms of different market conditions from outright prohibition to a free market economy. Multi Criteria rogeberg2018 pdf

Independent Amicus Curae Invited to the Constitutional Court

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The Constitutional Court invited Advocates Paschke and Vorster to make submissions in the state's appeal to the Western Cape High Court judgement. This is because these two legal minds were part of drafting & presenting "The Shaw Report" - Balancing Harms in Cannabis Policy: Some Considerations for the South African Context. This was commissioned by

ConCourt Hearings Attract Other Parties.

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On Tuesday 7 November the Western Cape High Court judgement handed down in March this year will be put to the test in the Constitutional Court in Johannesburg. Interest is mounting as we have received notice that Doctors for Life have been admitted as Amicus Curiae despite the fact that none of the parties have

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