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The Trial of the Plant

Trial of the Plant  - Notes day by day. After 7 years of hard work the trial eventually starts. What follows is a summary of proceedings with links to the live stream and times noted for quick access to information. We hope the summary will give our supporters an idea of why we only completed

The State Appeals WCHC Judgement

In a 44 page document, the State lay out their argument as at why the Judge Davis privacy ruling should be overturned. Like many, they believe nothing was resolved with regard to the perceived harms and benefits of the plant, and many other key arguments for and against cannabis prohibition were not addressed. Download the

Schindlers Attorneys Reply To DFL

After Doctors For Life demand R2.5 million to defend their medical case, Schindlers Attorneys reply to their demands in no uncertain terms. The fact that they voluntarily requested to be the 8th defendant - we didn't invite them, or request their presence - was enough for our legal team to write the most elegant 'No'

Doctors For Life Demand R2.5million

It has been nearly five years since Doctors For Life became the 8th Defendant in our High Court Hearing. They invited themselves along claiming to be the medical expertise for the State. With only 150 days until the Trial Of The Plant in the Pretoria High Court we were presented with a demand for R2.5

The State serves it’s Second Expert Notice

October 2016: On the same day that we handed in our expert summaries, we received the 2nd expert notice from the state. Professor Shabir Banoo is from the Medicines Control Council and he seems to have strong ties to the rehab sector. We predict that his testimony will be full of how we must keep making

Expert Witnesses Finalised and Summaries handed in.

31 October 2016: This is the first time in a long while that we feel like we are getting somewhere. We have secured the best experts we can and we are very proud of our list. Put the kettle on and make yourself comfortable, the Expert Summaries are long but they make for very interesting

The Dagga Couple Criminal Docket is Discovered

July 2016: As part of of the "discovery" process, the state have to provide our attorneys with our criminal docket from the police. This is the first time we see this piece of paper, almost 6 years after being arrested and let out on bail. We are rather amused that the police describe what they

Our Discovery Affidavit is handed in.

February 2016: "Discovery" is a pre-trial procedure whereby the parties make available the evidence that they will be using in the trial. This takes the form of a summarised affidavit and it is common that the parties can add to this evidence by submitting supplementary information until 10 days before the trial. You can read