Affiliate Highlight: Qure Analytics Part 1 – Brenda’s POV

By |Published On: November 25th, 2022|

We recently asked our affiliates at Fields of Green for ALL a few questions so that we can introduce them to you, on a more personal level, and you can get to know a little more about the brands that are helping to make history in South Africa’s long and still winding road to Cannabis legalisation for ALL South Africans.

This week we highlight and introduce Brenda from Qure Analytics. Thanks to Brenda for all the images in the blog.

I did my masters in analytical chemistry, worked in pharmaceutical, natural extracts, nutraceutical, and product development labs for years, tried Cannabis oil for pain management after shoulder surgeries, discovered I could make it myself, then experimented with it to successfully heal my 10-year-old dog (he’s now almost 15!) from cancer and realised I wanted to know more. Nobody could (or would) help me quantify what was in my oil, so I bought the equipment to do it myself!

Running my own laboratory is a dream come true, especially in this beautiful little town. The team I work with is what I am most proud about. Together we have expertise about Cannabis from all angles; genetics, cultivation, processing, extraction, consumption, healing and testing.

  • It is very hard for one person to cover all aspects of a business. Different people have different strengths. Team up with the best people.
  • It will require more work, more time, more enthusiasm, more patience, and more tenacity than you think. Keep on keeping on.
  • You will never know everything. You will make mistakes. Forget the embarrassment and remember the lesson. Never stop learning.

Support the small guys. Grow and learn with your grower. Share knowledge and experience with each other. Know what you’re consuming. Make sure that your herb is safe and will give the expected effects. Know where your dagga comes from and that the process aligns with your ethics. Knowing is growing.

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