Affiliate Highlight: Qure Analytics Part 2 – Natie’s POV

By |Published On: November 30th, 2022|

We recently asked our affiliates at Fields of Green for ALL a few questions so that we can introduce them to you, on a more personal level, and you can get to know a little more about the brands that are helping to make history in South Africa’s long and still winding road to Cannabis legalisation for ALL South Africans.

This week we highlight and introduce Natie from Qure Analytics. Thanks to Brenda and Natie for all the images in the blog.

My insatiable curiosity regarding Cannabis led me to sourcing, growing, curing, extracting, infusing, beneficiating, and trying to do everything I can imagine with this amazing plant. This need to know more was quickly frustrated by the complete lack of Cannabis analytical equipment and services available in South Africa.

Brenda and I exchanged details at the Cannabis Expo in 2019, had a coffee, tested some bud, pulled in Jean and Kris, found funding, and started a lab!

Opening our doors in September 2019. Having that opening night with friends and associates was surreal, and that moment continues with every achievement. We hope to have a big announcement by our 3rd birthday this year.

  • Look at what you have in your hands and just start.
  • Partner with the right people who are willing to put in the time.
  • Whatever your belief system is, you need faith.

Our slogan is “knowing is growing” and this applies not only to knowing our growers, but also growing with them, getting to know our country’s dagga farmers, and supporting them with analytics, product development and expertise. #knowyourdaggafarmer is crucial for the guy on the street to know what (and from where) they are consuming. Qure adds a level of confidence as a safety net between the dagga consumer and dagga farmer.

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